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Felt Christmas Stockings

Updated on October 27, 2015

Felt Christmas Stockings

Felt Christmas stockings are among the most popular material Christmas stockings are made of, and those that love to design their own Christmas stockings, enjoy working with the material, as it's easy to shape and form, as well as add things to it to give it that wonderful 3-D effect, which is identified as Bucilla in most cases.

So it doesn't matter if you're the crafty type or not, you receive the end result of a great felt Christmas stocking, whether you made it or bought it.

Of course for our children and grandchildren, it's the joy of having a stocking hung out full of goodies that make it all worthwhile, and even just having their names on it is good enough for them; and if you add some fun designs or themes to it that they really enjoy, it's a great added bonus.

Now for adults and older children, sometimes the stocking can be a fun and enjoyable as the contents, as usually an interesting theme the person likes, or a funny message or shape, included on the stocking, can make it one of their more compelling experiences of the Christmas season.

Simple Felt Christmas Stockings

I thought I would start off with a look at some old felt Christmas stockings to show how easy it is to either make or buy one that includes a fun design, along with the name of the person who will explore the stocking goodies they've received.

Many times all you have to do is to get a red stocking and put the name on it and it satisfies the receiver. Of course there are a lot more fun things to do with felt Christmas stockings, but this always works and looks great and seasonal.

Old and Simple Felt Christmas Stockings

Bear and Santa Felt Christmas Stocking

These bear and Santa felt Christmas stockings are also simple and will always work for a Christmas stocking where someone likes those themes. Just put the recipients name on it and you're ready to go.

These first couple of stockings I included to show how easy and quick it is to get a felt Christmas stocking which all you have to do is add the name to and you're in business.

Themed Felt Christmas stockings

Snowman Felt Christmas Stocking

If you want to give a personal message telling someone what they mean to you, this snowman figure on the Christmas stocking is a great way to do it. Those green ear muffs and gloves are fantastic, and of course the heart with the message will truly melt the heart of the one you give it to. What a beautiful Christmas stocking and message.

Great Snowman Themed Felt Stocking

3-D Felt Christmas Stocking

For the next couple of Christmas stockings, we're getting into the 3-D look, and you can see why they're so popular for those buying them. To me, they're better to have for the person to enjoy than even putting something in them, but either way, they're fantastic additions to your Christmas celebration and decorations, and while holding presents, they can also be a very important part of your Christmas d├ęcor.

Bucilla Felt Christmas Stocking

Beautiful Bucilla Felt Christmas Stocking

The snow queen Bucilla felt Christmas stocking below is as good as it gets. The colors shaping the figures and scene are terrific, and the overall look and feel outstanding.

What a fun stocking to have and look at for those that really enjoy this type of theme.

Snow Queen Bucilla Felt Christmas Stocking

Fantastic Felt Christmas Stockings

As you can see from the simplicity of the early felt Christmas stockings to the complexity of the 3-D stockings, there is something for everyone and every taste, and even with those that are easy to make or just need to have a name added onto onto them after you buy them, they are wonderful for those eagerly awaiting their Christmas morning goodies.

For those with the more artistic type of felt Christmas stockings, they can also be used as an important part of your overall Christmas decorations.


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