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Festival Costumes for Celebrations

Updated on May 4, 2015

Party Costumes for all Ages

The time of the year has arrived for great party costumes. Dress up as any character you like, Batman, Spiderman. You can be a Princess or any other character and you can throw great parties to celebrate this festive time of the year. The time has arrived for harvest and costumes from apples to men on stilts are available in some party store or in your imagination.

halloween costumes


Have a costume party and step into the party with a great Halloween Costume. Dress up as anything you like. The outfit can be from the Old West or it can be a monster character. Wear a simple mask made of various materials dance the night away as the bell of the ball. Wear a powdered wig and pretend to be George Washington or Louis IV. Halloween costumes have advanced; it is possible to get any type of costume you like. You can get Fairy costumes, Story book costumes dress up like A French Maid or wear a Roman Toga. There are so many ideas for great costumes. Teen costumes are very popular; pick a Flapper from the Roaring Twenties or a Space Cadet.


Dressing up in Halloween Costumes is a great deal of fun. Some costumes are quite spectacular, dressing as Cinderella or entering a Masquerade Ball as a Pirate can be quite a challenge. There are stores that carry a wonderful line of Halloween costumes, for all age brackets and sizes. Men, women, and children can all enjoy dressing in costume.  When the Outfit for the evening is a Costume, deciding which one to wear can bring about real indecision. Wigs and makeup are also available to fit your costume at the Halloween store.


 Costumes can be bought by theme, if you like a certain time period. If cartoon characters are the thing you like they are available. Actors dress in theme all the time. Halloween costumes can also be used for putting on plays in various time periods. Little kids wear costumes grownups wear costumes, girls, kids, and women. Costume can be used for festivals for any occasions, dress up as a cook or a Dutch milk maid; wherever your imagination takes you there is a costume for you.


Playing dress up is fun for most people, or parading at Festival while dressed in costume. The materials and the number of costumes that can be supplied have evolved. Beautiful costumes are a real bargain at a Halloween costume store. Some costumes are more conservative than others, Costumes are fun to do by theme, give a benefit and have people dress in costumes to fit the theme.


 The Any time is a great time for costumes but the time of year when more costumes are worn is Halloween. The idea is to get you into gorgeous costumes. Place your self in a riding hood, a Bo Peep or a Queen of Hearts these costumes can cost from $40 to $150. One thing is certain you will be one of the best dressed guests at any event you attend. A Batman costume is a neat replica of the CapeCrusader, your man will love zooming in to save the day. This costume retails for as much as $400 or as little as 50 depending upon the extras you get.


Pumpkin costumes are very popular with children the little hats and the costume or get the Bunny Rabbit a full bunny hop costume made like a baby jump suit with a cap with bunny ears costing about $30. Try the Elite bunny, the plushy bunny, the infant vanilla bunny, Bunny newborn or the bunny romper. There are so many styles to choose from all in a very reasonable price range.


We have costumes for kids as young as two years old our monster costume. This costume has teeth eyes and the little slip in feet for the youngest costume wearer.

A child’s fairy costume is popular Tinkerbell cost $25.Available are slippers, Ballet slippers, Tiaras and Wands to go with these costumes to make your child’s out fit complete. There are also Red Strawberry costumes and Plum Pixie out fits. Your child can look absolutely adorable in a great costume.


We provide a size chart to help our customers get just the right size so there is no reason to get a costume that is ill fitting. Some costumes do not need a fit they are one size fits all. Have a delightful time with great costumes, take pictures and have memorable moments with friends and family as you take a moment from the real world and have some fun.






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