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Find a Zip Code and Area Codes and Post Offices this Holiday Season.

Updated on November 23, 2010

This Holiday Season get all the help you can when you are trying to find Zip Codes, Area Codes and Post Offices to send your Christmas Cards and Packages.

It doesn't take much to throw off my system when I am sending letters, cards and packages during the Holiday season. I have my list of people I want to send a card or note to so that I can touch base. I even have a few people on my list that I'd like to send them a small gift package. Nothing is more frustrating to me than to find that I have all of their phone numbers in my phone's contact list but I really don't have a complete address. I have the street address and I know the town. However too many times it stops there. I can't send a package to a phone number. That would be a nice solution.

I need a nice easy way to find a Zip Code or an Area Code. It would also help if I could find a local Zip Code. I found the website offers me a lot of what I need. I just keep it open and type in the name of the town and the state in the Zip Code Finder in the upper right hand corner of any page. Up pops the Zip Code and Area code and also a Google Map with the location of the Post Office pinpointed.

 If I have already sent a package, I can use the free tracking tool on the page as well. It works for all courier services. It is just handy and convenient. All the information that I so often need to find is found on this one website.

While we are on the subject of Zip Codes, I would also like to point out another interesting website that uses Zip Codes in an interesting way to post local information about what is going on in any Zip Code. It allows users to post information about almost anything in their home town. The site organizes it by category and zip code.  The site is called I will try to post another Hub to exalt it's benefits but you and I don't have time right now because we are busy sending out our Christmas Cards and Packages with the correct Zip Codes.

Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas Happy Hanukah, Season's Greetings and Happy New Year   ... and Happy Birthday (don't forget all those birthday cards)


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