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Finding 4th of July Firework Stands

Updated on October 31, 2014

I grew up with Black Cat fireworks and fire crackers. While these are fantastic, they tend to have the same things year after year. Perhaps you want to find a source of fireworks and fire crackers from another vendor. At very least, perhaps a quick deal can be found. Listed below are several major firework distributors across the country. This list is by no means even close to complete.

Photo taken by: Paul Long
Photo taken by: Paul Long | Source

Palmers Discount Fireworks, Dallas, Ferris and Concan

With 4th of July fireworks stands in Dallas, Ferris and Concan. Palmer Discount Fireworks is a revered regional provider that advertises they offer the “best prices in the Metroplex Cities.” The website includes directions to all their stands and describes their complete line of fireworks products along with names of their fireworks manufacturers. Palmers Discount Fireworks take pride in being American owned and operated for more than 24 years and guarantee hundreds of products in stock from June 24th until midnight July 4th. The website offers lots of good information and offers including a Buy One, Get One Free teaser. With a diverse product line, loud and brilliant explosions are guaranteed here. Learn more at

Photo taken by: ElCapitanBSC
Photo taken by: ElCapitanBSC | Source

Phantom Fireworks – National

With 1,200 retail locations, outlets and fireworks stands spread across the country, Phantom says they are the nation’s premier consumer fireworks provider. They want to help you buy fireworks legally and offer locations by zip code filtering. Wherever the customer’s location, the Phantom website can assist in connecting consumers to a wide array of 4th of July fireworks.

The company distributes a broad assortment of pre-packaged fireworks through their Phantom bags, box and tray firework combos. All Phantom products are compliant with national and local regulations. The website specifically promotes Phantom Wolf Pack and Grucci Brand fireworks products. The 30-year old company sells around the year but is ready for a big 4th of July season in 2014. Learn more at

Stockton, California – Fireworks Stands

Fireworks stands are big business in Stockton, California, where providers work hand-in-hand with the residents to ensure large and small fireworks products. The 2014 Stockton Fireworks Stands website provides helpful information about all the stands in the area, their hours of operation and dates that include June 28th, June 29th and July 4th.

The site and providers emphasize “Safe and Sane Fireworks.” All Stanton fireworks stands in the city of Stockton operate in conjunction with well-known national providers TNT Fireworks and Phantom Fireworks exclusively. Proceeds from all fireworks sales in the city are used for the benefit of local, not-for-profits and organizations that serve to the public benefit of the city’s residents. In Stockton, this is a proud July 4th tradition.

Photo taken by: Mike Mozart
Photo taken by: Mike Mozart | Source

TNT Fireworks - National

One of the country’s most productive fireworks providers is TNT, a large manufacturers and distributor of individual and commercial fireworks products. For the 4th of July and New Year’s holidays, TNT says their tents and stands “come to life.” TNT says their website posts regular updates as the holidays get closer. With thousands of retail outlets, this site can help locate the closest provider to any customers on the move for the holidays.

TNT distributes fireworks through its chain stores, other brand-name stores, TNT superstores and their network of tents and stands. They report that their diverse offerings include “tens of thousands” of brand name outlets that make the TNT brand the top selling firework provider in the country. Find out more at the website.


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