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Finding a Great Halloween Costume for Your Child

Updated on August 13, 2015

Memories From Halloween

Ari posing in his Alien Costume.
Ari posing in his Alien Costume.
Ari and I posing at school for his school's Halloween celebration.
Ari and I posing at school for his school's Halloween celebration.
Ari taking a break from being an alien.
Ari taking a break from being an alien.
Ari dressed up as a Jedi Knight with Grandma.
Ari dressed up as a Jedi Knight with Grandma.
Ari posing in his Jedi Knight costume on Halloween.
Ari posing in his Jedi Knight costume on Halloween.

Halloween Is Almost Here!

It's one of my most favorite times of year again...Halloween! I have many fond childhood memories of carving pumpkins, trick or treating, and costumes. Now, I get to experience it all again with my 9 year old son Ari. Part of the joy of being a parent is sharing certain experiences and traditions with your child. Creating new experiences is very important, so make sure to take plenty of pictures.


The main quest prior to Halloween is trying to find the right costume. This takes us a month before Halloween and we start early because there are plenty of good costumes and masks in stock. My son is very much a part of this fun and creative process. We look at various costume websites and we frequent many stores that specialize in Halloween Costumes. This in itself is entertaining because at most of the stores he gets to try on some of the stuff like masks and hats. I take photos and later we look at them and decide if there is something he would like to wear on Halloween.

There were a couple of years when we bought a whole costume online and were very satisfied with them. Other times we took pieces of one costume and used them with something like a mask. For example, one year my son wanted to be an alien and we ordered a costume online, but when we got it home the mask was horrible. Although, the mask was not what we desired, the jumpsuit that said "Property of Area 51" was fantastic! So, we kept the costume and just shopped around for a better mask. We went to Hollywood Toys & Costumes right in the heart of Hollywood and looked at masks in person.

The masks at Hollywood & Toys were a little pricey at about $60. Sometimes when you choose a mask right off the internet it's hard to assess what it really looks like and how it fits. At least we got an idea of what we wanted when we looked at some masks in person. Then, when we got home, we went right online and found the same mask for $49. We were very happy with our choice, but searching for what we liked till we found it was definitely time consuming. However, if you are persistent it pays off in the long run with money saved and a quality costume.

Ideally, if I could sew, it would help me save money with alterations or even with making a whole costume myself from start to finish. The Jedi Knight costume we had one year, ran large for my son's size. We had to take in the pant legs and sleeves by a few inches. The alterations cost almost as much as the costume itself, but it was well worth it because it looked like it was professionally made. The costume cost about $38 and the alterations were $30 for a total of: $68. Not bad at all, especially since people were stopping us to take pictures with him. That showed the time and thought put into the costume. Plus, my son was very happy and proud that his costume was, "Awesome!"

Once the costume is picked well in advance, you can just relax and have fun doing things like baking Halloween cookies in the days before Halloween arrives. Decorations are easy to make, you can find easy projects on the Internet. I have also found some great ones at the Dollar Store or at BIg Lots. You will find that children will appreciate you keeping them busy with decorating the house and making goodies. They will remember these memories for their whole lifetime.


When Halloween is finally here, it is important to keep in mind that in order to have fun you must stay safe. Family appropriate block parties are a good choice if available where you live. Instead, if you choose to go Trick or Treating, keep an eye on your child at all times. Some places can be crowded. This of course, would make it much harder to find you child. So, hold their hand and be conscious of your surroundings. You could also attach a child tracking device to them to decrease their chance of getting lost. You can buy them online and they range in price.

When you are finally done Trick or Treating and your bag is filled with goodies, make sure the candy is safe by checking if it has been tampered with. If you see any torn or slightly opened wrappers discard them immediately. In some towns they screen candy at the Police or Fire Department, which always is a great option. If you are planning to pass out goodies this year, keep in mind the hassle that parents must go through to check candy. Have things that are not edible instead. Children love things like small toys, pencils, and erasers with Halloween decorations. You can buy such things in bulk at a Party City for a reasonable price.

Furthermore, Halloween is considered one of the most dangerous nights for motorists and pedestrians. Beware of small children when driving and that it takes one second for a child to run in front of your car. Also, never forget and make sure everyone in the car has their seat belts on at all times. As a Pedestrian during Halloween, be extra cautious when walking across the street with your children in case of a drunk or distracted driver. In safety, prevention is key. Happy Halloween!

© 2013 Panorea White


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