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Five Father's Day Gift Ideas for Your Golfing Dad

Updated on May 20, 2013

Father's Day is just around the corner, and I suppose other than his birthday, there isn't another day in the calendar year where you can make your dad feel more special. But then comes the headache of having to find dad a gift. Well, if he's an avid golfer like hundreds of thousands of dads across the globe, here are five excellent gift ideas for your golfing dad.

1. A New Golf Wedge

Now, new clubs are quite a cliched gift for a father's day present. However, while most un-enlightened folk will buy dad a new Driver or a new set of irons, what he really needs this Father's Day is a new wedge. The wedge, in golf, is a club that ranges from 46 to 62 degrees of loft and is often sold as single pieces. Meaning, a new wedge purchase for dad won't break the band (most high-end wedges cost less than USD $150) and is super practical. Also, wedges are what typically make or break a round of golf, and everyone knows good golf equals a happy dad. Where does good golf come from? A new wedge.

2. A New Pair of Casual Golf Shoes

Such is the hype within the golf world surround casual golf footwear nowadays, if your dad doesn't own a pair of these new, hybrid golf/casual shoes, he definitely needs one. Spiked golf shoes are great for a round of golf, however for all those practice sessions at the local range, and all that time spent around the practice green, dad should use a smart pair of casual shoes which he can, not only, use for his golf but also for his dinner party at the clubhouse afterwards. All the major golf brands have their own versions of the casual shoe, however the folks over at Ashworth and Adidas have come out with some of the more popular versions of the shoes. If you need a bit of inspiration, check out the Ashworth Cardiff or the Adidas adicross II.

3. A New Golf Bag

Whether your dad is a stand bag or cart bag kind of guy, all golfers love golf bags, and a gift of a new golf bag from his favorite golfing company would be amazing! Golf bags are a status thing on golf courses. You can tell the good golfers from the bad ones very quickly from their golf bag. Ask your dad what his favorite colors are, and whether or not he's a stand bag or cart bag loyalist. It's important to get his preference because the usage of each type is very different. If you need a few ideas for golf bag companies, the folks at OGIO and Sun Mountain make some of the best bags on the market.

4. A New Outfit

The new trend in golf is for golfers to appear more athletic. Slimmer cuts for polo shirts are being introduced to the market, and bright and outlandish colors are being incorporated into pants and footwear; all in an effort to make each golfer stand out from the crowd. Few things would please you dad more than a great, modern fit polo shirt or a nicely tailored pair of performance trousers from one of the top golf brands. If you need a bit of help with inspiration, Minor|House is a great web magazine that highlights the latest brands - ranging from the well-known to the up-and-coming - and will definitely help you find something cool for dad.

5. A Top Rangefinder

Rangefinders are making waves on the golf front by offering to golfers unprecedented accuracy when it comes to yardages. A good rangefinder can help dad find a yardage from even 500 yards out, helping dad with club selection all day on the course. Even if your dad is a competitive golfer, rangefinders have been approved in tournament play all the way up until the professional ranks. So there is no excuse not to consider a top rangefinder for dad this Father's Day. Need help with rangefinders? Bushnell are arguably the most popular rangefinder company right now.


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    • Ceres Schwarz profile image

      Ceres Schwarz 4 years ago

      Good Father's Day gift ideas for those that love golf. This will be very useful for those wondering what to get their fathers for Father's Day, especially if their fathers love golfing.