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Five things to do in the New Year

Updated on December 28, 2012

It is just three more days to New Year. I am sure that most of us have grand resolutions such as exercising more, reducing fat, healthier eating habits, becoming more disciplined etc for the new year. Many also may not have made any resolutions in 2012 due to the "end of the world". However, here are few activities you can do in the New Year as new hobbies and interests, if you haven’t taken up yet.

1) Reading

They say that books are some of the best friends a person can have. Best friends or not, a book is definitely good companion to have when you are alone. A good book not only helps relax your mind after a busy day, but it can also help in imparting knowledge about the world around you. So, take up a habit of reading a good book every night before you go to bed.

2) Traveling

Traveling may seem like an expensive hobby to have. However, you need not travel overseas to enjoy your vacation. You can just travel the next state or city in your country. How much do you know about the history of your neighboring town? How much do you know about the best museums, art galleries and restaurants in your neighboring city? Traveling also helps you take a good break from your hectic lifestyle. And if you can afford to travel to countries like India or China, why not do it?

3) Meditate

Meditation is another thing you can take up this year. Today’s hectic work life takes a toll on everyone’s mind and health. It is not easy coping with work pressures and other demands. Naturally, it can also affect the health in negative ways. It can lead to health problems such as anxiety, hypertension, blood pressure etc. The best way to prevent these health hazards and cope up with stress is to learn meditating. Take ten minutes off your hectic day and learn some meditation or breathing exercises (pranayama).

4) Self defense

Nowadays, it has become an absolute necessity for a person to learn some kind of self defense. You never know where danger can be lurking and in what form. There may be a thug on the street trying to mug you or a bully trying to get the better off you. Self defense not only helps you keep yourself safe from these dangers, but also in leading a disciplined and a healthier life style. Take up a Karate or Tai Chi class and you must be able to see the difference in your life style soon.

5) Start something part time

Let us be honest. How many of us have thought that it would be nice to have an additional source of income? Or how many of us thought that it is a good idea to start something parallel to our existing jobs so that we can eventually quit our jobs? Why not pursue your dream in parallel with your existing job? If you like to start off a business, you can dedicate a couple of hours a day to that. Or if you like writing, you can take it up as well. Whatever is that you would like to do in life, you can dedicate a couple of hours for that. It is worth in the long run.

So, let us know apart from these five things that you can take up this New Year, what else you would like to start.


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