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Folks! Its Christmas Time and time to call Santa!

Updated on December 23, 2014

This Christmas with Santa


Someone is Coming Again!

I was just venturing into the woods when someone came knocking at the huge redwood trees. I got terrified and hid behind one of those amazing giant trees. Of course! behind these you can be sure that no one will not be seen. Its like the size of some 100 meters tall with a very thick bark. The thud was growing and the birds sitting on those lovely branches started vanishing off into the skies. It was kind of eerie. Still I stood there obscure from any intrusion from any side. I was too small a person in that vast forest with the gigantic trees all around. I felt as though I was some kind of ant in front of the huge world.

The thud grew larger and larger and larger as it came nearer. Guess what I saw at the first instance - a huge feet. The feet was black, some kind of white fur was attached to its gleaming black boots. I felt really scared at this moment. I looked up to see who the great figure was. I saw loose red trousers above the boots. As I looked up further, there was a huge red waistcoat lined up with white fur on its ends, its sleeves as well as near the buttons. Some large amount of white fibers stuck above the coat and somehow I could not see what was beyond it.

Lovely Santa! Merry Christmas!
Lovely Santa! Merry Christmas! | Source

His magical smile!

I ran to another nearby tree to get a clearer look. There was a large smile beyond the fibers which I guessed was the man's beard. A lovely mustache stuck above the smile and I could then see the face of this lovely man. A large red cap again lined with white furs stuck to the man's head.

The man was holding a huge bag with lots of stuff in it. As I stood looking at the size of this man, I could see large candies, gift wrapped articles protruding outside the cloth bag which he held onto with one hand.

The whole stature of this giant looked very familiar and I stood there thinking what was this man doing in this forest, dressed up strangely with so many gifts in his hand.

And Guess What! As I kept staring at this man, thoughts encircled around me. I could see stars burning bright in the sky throwing its lovely glare on the nearby pine trees.

Folks you guessed it correct. It was Christmas time and this was Santa Claus moving to town to give gifts to all the lovely children in the world. It was a time to cherish.

Santa Claus suddenly rose to the sky on his chariot with all his reindeer's ready to visit the world this year too.

It was Merry Christmas! It was an event worth remembering!

Merry Christmas

Stories! It is..

Christmas is fun and although elders do participate and make it a fun day, children are the best beneficiaries of this day. Santa is the one who keeps all the children merry giving them gifts. Children keep on waiting for their favorite Santa riding on his reindeer chariot, passing across the rising full moon, over the bright Christmas trees and snowy mountains. Children are the ones who create the snowman collecting all the snow, making the balls and creating the cute creature called snow man. They are the ones who help decorate the Christmas tree with stars, streamers, shining balls and a lot of other paraphernalia which seems lovely for the eyes of all. Of course, it wouldn't be possible without the help of all elders who buy all this for them. We all need the fun to happen during this time, but it gets possible only when children get involved in it. They are the ones who get the cheer with all the fun happening on this bright day.

Thus, it makes sense to write a story and dedicate this day to them so that they can really enjoy the true essence of Christmas.

Christmas Trivia

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