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Food Gift Baskets: Perfect for Every Occasion

Updated on July 27, 2008

Looking for the perfect gift idea for any occasion? What's the one thing that every single person uses every single day? Food, of course. You can't go wrong when you give a food gift basket to your friends and families for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, bridal showers, and other occasions. They're also terrific business gift ideas for client and referral source thank you gifts.

There are many different types of food gift baskets, and it's important to consider the likes, dislikes, and dietary restrictions of recipients before selecting a basket to give as a gift. You don't want to give a basket full of sweets to someone who's a diabetic or on a weight loss diet. It's also important to avoid giving a basket with gourmet nuts to someone who is allergic to them.

Once you have an idea of what types of foods you should avoid when giving gifts, you can focus on what you think the gift recipients will enjoy. When it comes to selecting food gift baskets for special occasions, the possibilities are seemingly endless.

  • People who enjoy cooking are likely to enjoy a basket filled with spices and outfitted with a few high quality and unique cooking utensils. You may even want to use a stock pot instead of a basket to hold the goodies.
  • Individuals who follow an organic lifestyle may love to receive a basket filled with fresh organic fruits and vegetables, or even organic baking mixes.
  • Busy people might love a basket filled with easy to prepare gourmet food mixes. You can find baskets with rice mixes, soup mixes, spice rubs, complete meals, and more.
  • Those who love to indulge their sweet tooth may love a dessert basket filled with candy, cookies, gourmet cakes, or more. Whether you choose a basket of ready made sweet treats or easy to prepare mixes, this type of gift is sure to be a hit.
  • Sports fans may enjoy a food gift basket filled with chips, crackers, dips, and other types of snack foods. Look for a basket with officially licensed team merchandise, such as an ice bucket, snack tray, or cocktail glasses.

You can order pre-made gourmet food gift baskets, or you can create your own personalized custom gifts for everyone on your personal and business gift giving lists. No matter which option you choose, your choice of gifts is sure to be a hit with everyone who receives one.


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