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Freddy Krueger Halloween Costume - Full Freddy Krueger Masks and Gloves - Express Shipping

Updated on June 25, 2011

Freddy Krueger Costumes : A True Nightmare

If I had to pick just one iconic modern horror character to exemplify horrifying costume design, I would pick Freddy Krueger. Sure, nowadays, the movies just seem campy and comical and I laugh far more than I scream. But the character of Freddy Krueger and his basic visual effect as embodied by Robert Englund, is true Horror and is the only character I can remember giving me chills in my youth.

A solid Freddy Krueger Hallowen Costume can be a great test of you rmakeup abilities or you can opt for a deluxe Freddy Krueger Latex mask and just enjoy the pleasure of wearing that styling Krueger glove.

Its hard to be missed at the party if you pull off Freddy well, no confusing your costume or wondering about your pansy choices.

Freddy is vicious!

What are the required elements of a Freddy Krueger costume:

The essentials:

  • Iconic ragged sweater
  • Freddy Krueger Mask or Make Up Kit
  • Fredddy Krueger Glove

Freddy Krueger Halloween Costume
Freddy Krueger Halloween Costume

original Freddy origin excerpt:

"Freddy looked for a regular job, and he soon found one maintaining the boiler in the old generating plant on the outskirts of town. The work was easy enough, and it left Freddy with plenty of time to devote to his true calling. He soon decided that his old straight razor was insufficient to do the holy work that needed to be done. Freddy spent many hours in the machine shop, forging the deadly tool he would need to carry out his mission." - marvel

Freddy Krueger Halloween Costume Kits

Cosplay Actors and Halloween revelers can quickly create an excellent Freddy Krueger costume by buying a complete kit this Halloween. Since the character has been well known for close to two decades now, there is no shortage of competition which consequentially leads to a wide variety of high quality costume options for us.

A Good Freddy Krueger Kit will include the mask, iconic sweater and a glove, some Kits will aslo include a Hat.

Finish the costume up with some beat up pants and heavy boots and you will be stylin!

Freddy Krueger Latex Mask

Your options for a proper Freddy Krueger Mask are quite expansive. As I mentioned, the long running nature of the Krueger costume has made it where even the least expensive options are very believable.

When selecting masks it is important to pay attention to materials, Latex masks are the most common and should cover most peoples needs but Silicon masks are much lighter and can actually move and flex with your face, creating a second skin effect.

Above you can see an example of a silicon mask that could set you back $500 - check out how responsive it is!

Replica Freddy Krueger Glove

Freddy Krueger Gloves

"It's kind of like really long fingernails, I want the glove to look like something that someone could make who has the skills of a boilermaker." Doyle exclaimed, "Then we hunted around for knives. We picked out this bizarre-looking steak knife, we thought that this looked really cool, we thought it would look even cooler if we turned it over and used it upside down, we had to remove the back edge and put another edge on it, because we were actually using the knife upside down." Later Doyle had three duplicates of the glove made, two of which were used as stunt gloves in long shots"   -Jim Doyle, Original Production Designer


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    • sunforged profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from

      Its definitely one of the very few costumes that can make me shudder.

      Pinhead is scary too

    • craftdrawer profile image


      8 years ago

      Very scary!!!


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