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Best Websites with Free Online Greeting Cards for Valentines Day

Updated on January 17, 2010

You can't always be there when you want to be - sometimes sending an online card is the only option. With these free online greeting card sites, you should have no problem finding a card to perfectly express what you can't be there in person to say.

I tried to choose the higher quality Greeting Card websites, while still finding free cards.

Free Valentines Day Greeting Cards

Many greeting cards to choose from
Many greeting cards to choose from

123 Greetings

123 Greetings has an entire category devoted to Love greeting cards. They specilize in free greeting cards, so you won't have to sift through all their cards to figure out which ones are free and which ones you have to pay for.  

Their cards may not quite have the same advanced quality of Blue Mountain cards, or the personalized style of Bubba Cards, but the extensive options of free cards will give you a large variety to choose from.

Blue Mountain Greeting Cards

Blue Mountain greeting cards have been around for years.  Many of their cards are not free, so I linked to their selection of free greeting cards. They do offer a free trial - so perhaps this will allow you to send one or two of their premium cards prior to paying for a membership.

Their cards are of a high quality, many of them using flash or other animations.


DGreetings website seems to have many more advertisements on it, but they still offer some nice, free eCards. They have flash cards as well as regular animated/image cards.  Their Love cards are divided into many categories to make your search for the right card easier.

Bubba Cards

Bubba Cards seem to have their own unique style and themes, carrying the characters from one card to another.  While brosing through online eCard sites, it takes a while to rule out the overly spam-y sites.   For this reason, I added them to the list.  They don't have as many as some of the larger sites, but sometimes it's good to go with the little guy!


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