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Free Valentine’s Cards, Games, and Coloring Pages For All Ages, Without the Ads

Updated on January 9, 2008

There are so many results when you search for free Valentine's Day printables. Some even have complicated instructions to follow in order to print out the pages. Personally, when I'm trying to keep kids busy, all I want to do is point and click. I've seached and clicked through all the ads to save you time and take you straight to the good stuff, that is the free card, game, or coloring page itself! These are some of the best links I've found.

Free Coloring Pages - This site is easy to navigate and the coloring pages are simple for little hands. There are ads on the page, but it's easy to print the image without the ad. Perfect for even the littlest angels.

Valentine Concentration Game - This PDF file by Activity Village is super cute. If you have a color printer it will be even better. You just print, cut, and if you want to use it over and over again, I'd laminate the cards. This is great for the preschool and Kindergarten set.

Valentine's Coupons - What a wonderful idea! Let your child customize his or her gift from the heart with sweet coupons. Again, this is a PDF file from Activity Village that will look great when printed in color. Because these coupons are wide open to your child's creativity, they can be used for any age. You may get a free hug, or a load of laundry done. You can even print these off for your spouse!

Word Search - This heart-shaped word search game is a great option for older kids. Got errands to run? Print this out and keep it in the car to occupy little minds in the backseat. With words like diamond, friendship, and hand holding - this may be for the mid to older elementary school aged child.

Love Card - This greeting card is simple and stylish. Kids can print in color (hot pink), or leave it black and white and add their own colorful designs. There's plenty of space to add personal greetings inside. Print out one of these, then take it to the copy store and you've got a set of Valentine's for the whole class for about $3.

Heart Card - This is the same as the Love Card above, but with three hearts. These are red, but can be left black (or gray) and can be colored around. These do it yourself cards are much more creative for kids than buying pre-made cards.


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