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Free Valentine's Day Love Cards and Other Romantic Stuff for Android Phones and Other Devices

Updated on July 30, 2013


Do you need some free swag for Valentine's Day for your Android phone to get into the mood? Here are some goodies to get you started!

We got live wallpapers, themes, games, and more! Use these to decorate your phone so you can feel romantic every day! 

Live Wallpapers for Valentine's Day

Here are some Valentine's Day related live wallpapers for your Android phone or tablet! For other live wallpapers, see my other hub:

Valentine Love -- dots fly apart and reform into different shapes

Be My Valentine -- floating hearts, with famous quotes about love pop open

KF Hearts -- floating "hearts" with romantic backgrounds

Love Fireworks -- fireworks leaves behind words like "love", the heart shape, and more!

Valentine Heart -- from the folks who brought you Go Launcher and Go SMS, goes great with the free Valentine's Day Theme for Go Launcher, and Go SMS!

Go Launcher Ex Valentine's Day Theme
Go Launcher Ex Valentine's Day Theme | Source


Themes are complete makeovers of your Android screentop or a particular application. Your phone will look completely different! Most of the icons are replaced with something heart-shaped. The background is different, the borders are different. However, themes are only compatible with the matching app.

For reviews of home replacement, see my review of home replacement launchers.

Go SMS Valentine's Day Theme (only for Go SMS)

Go Launcher Ex Valentine's Day Theme (only for Go Launcher Ex)

Love Wallpaper "pick screen"
Love Wallpaper "pick screen" | Source

Regular Wallpapers

Here are some wallpaper collections if you don't want a live wallpaper. For wallpaper utilities, see my hub on that.

Love Letter -- collection of love backgrounds and love quotes which you can send/share.

Valentines Wallpapers -- just wallpapers, but lots of them, in various related themes

Love Wallpaper -- another collection of Android wallpapers about love and romance

Angry Birds Seasons -- Valentine's Edition
Angry Birds Seasons -- Valentine's Edition | Source


Here are three games to try for Valentine's Day!

Angry Birds Seasons (now with Valentine's Day) yep, the birds and the pigs are back.

Bubble Blast Valentine's Edition blast the hearts... wait, is that good for you?

Valentine's Slots is love really a game? Perhaps you can get lucky (in more ways than one!)

Photoid Valentine's Day Edition Frames
Photoid Valentine's Day Edition Frames | Source

And Some Other Stuff...

Here's a few more oddballs:

Love Frames add a "frame" that's love-themed for your pictures. Make your pictures look even lovelier by adding decorative frames! 

Photoid Valentine's Edition similar to Love Frames, but have a bit more stuff. And Photoid has even more options not related to Valentines. Edit the pictures, add some cupid or heart stickers, a frame, and more. 

100 Ways to Say I Love You some are pretty corny, but good romantic gesture nonetheless. How about ways to demonstrate your love instead of actually saying it? 

Some Valentine's Day Ideas Need poems? Cards? Date ideas? This may help.


Hope this is what you need to make a Valentine's Day even better! Enjoy!

And even if it's AFTER Valentine's Day, every day you are in love is still Valentine's Day! Customize your significant other's photo and use it as your wallpaper!

And remember, words don't always suffice to demonstrate your love!

A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous. -Ingrid Bergman


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