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Fresh Ideas for Save The Date Announcements

Updated on April 23, 2009

Sending out a simple "Save the Date" reminder to your guests is a great way to give advance notice to those who might be travelling long distances or for those who have very busy schedules. Of course, Save the Date announcements are not a necessity. You can spread the word through a notice in the paper or through friends and family, especially if your wedding is going to be a mostly local crowd. However, if you know that a lot of people will have to make special arrangements ahead of time to travel to your wedding, a Save the Date announcement is a fun way to announce the location and style of your wedding event.

One of the best things about Save the Dates is that they did not enter the wedding scene until the 1990s, so there are no old traditional rules concerning them. It's good to keep in mind that this will be everyone's first impression of the wedding, so you might want to keep the style of the Save the Date in the same realm as the Wedding style. Save the Date's are usually informal and fun, so choose something that shows off your personalities and will get guests excited about your wedding!

Go Contemporary and Have Fun with Colors on your Cards!
Go Contemporary and Have Fun with Colors on your Cards!
Magnets are a popular option, like this one from Magnet Street
Magnets are a popular option, like this one from Magnet Street

Popular Ideas

Originally, Save the Dates were sent out as simple cards that said, very simply, "Save the date of Saturday, July 1st, 2009, for the wedding of Ann Love and Mark Jones." A simple card is still one of the most popular ideas. Unlike the strict rules that are put on the Wedding Invitations, you can do just about anything you want to with your Save the Dates. Use the opportunity to add bold colors or fun, unexpected graphics on your cards. Clue guests in to the "theme" of your wedding or the colors that you will be using. It is popular to put a calendar on your card that has the month of the wedding with a red circle around the date.

The other very popular idea these days is the "Save the Date" Magnet, like this one from Magnet Street. After all, a magnet that guests can put on their refrigerator or white board will get and keep their attention so that they make their plans with plenty of time to spare. After all, cards get hidden under other papers and books, but a magnet can be displayed for all to see. Also, it makes a fun souvenir for everyone to keep and cherish.

If you are concerned about the cost of ordering magnets or cards, you can do it yourself at home and save! You can buy pre-made and pre-folded cards at any craft supply or office supply store. All you have to do is design a card with your photo software or even in your word processor, then print them out with your own printer. You can also buy sheets of magnets from office supply stores, upload your own photo and words, then print them out with an inkjet printer.

Fresh Ideas

If you have seen tons of cute cards and magnets these days, and were hoping to do something fun and special with your Save the Dates, here are some fun and fresh ideas that you might not have considered. Feel free to take one of these ideas and alter it to fit your own unique ideas for something that is truly a one of a kind idea! lets you upload your own photo to a pre-made postcard lets you upload your own photo to a pre-made postcard

♥ Tourist Postcards

Buy tourist postcards of the city where your wedding is going to take place. You can personally write a note on each one giving details or you can print out large labels with the details. If you want it to look handwritten but you don't want to write all of them out, consider having a rubber stamp made for you at an office copy store so that you can stamp your handwritten message onto each card.

Another cute idea is to glue a small envelop to the back of the postcard, with a smaller card inside announcing the date and time of your wedding. What if your town is too small to have its own postcard? Simply buy blank postcards and create your own design on the back! Advantage: Postcards often cost less to mail, which will save some much needed coin!

My Wedding Favors offers Pens for Save the Dates
My Wedding Favors offers Pens for Save the Dates

♥ Personalized Pens

If you want to give a souvenir that people will use as a daily reminder of your wedding event, consider giving a personalized, save the date pen! You can have your names and the date and place of the wedding on the side of the pen. Of course, sending this through the mail might prove more of a challenge than a simple postcard, but it would be worth it to be able to send out a completely customized, one of a kind save the date that will surprise and please everyone.

♥ Photo Booth Strip

Find a traditional photo booth where the pictures come out in strips and have some fun! You can make cute signs to hold up as each shot is taken, saying "Save" "the" "date" or anything you want! "We're" "Getting" "married" with a final card that gives the details would also be very cute and creative!

I found this great example on Flicker, where they manipulated their photo to have their pictures in black and white with their wedding colors in red and aqua. You can reproduce these and fold them to make a small card. Another possibility would be to include the photo strip in a larger card.

If you aren't sure where to find a photobooth, go to and see if you can locate one nearby. Still no luck? Try uploading your own pictures into a website that creates and sells fake photo booth strips in magnet form!

♥ Location Souvenirs

Consider including some sort of souvenir or location specific goodie. A miniature state flag would be a cute idea to include with your save the date cards! Getting married in Detroit? Buy matchbox cars and adorn them with your save the date information! Going to Mexico? Have a pair of maracas personalized with your wedding information for guests to keep and cherish for years to come.

If you are having a wedding on the beach, what about a pair of plastic sunglasses with a sticker or paper strip tied to them announcing the date and location of the wedding? Or buy a small bottle of sunscreen and make your own label for each bottle, telling people to make sure to bring their sunscreen!

On your own inket printer, you can make your own stickers and attach them to virtually anything for a unique save the date! Soemone getting married in Seattle might fill a small bag with coffee beans, then affix a sticker to the bag with their wedding information. For a New York City wedding, what about a mini replica of the statue of liberty?

Just keep in mind that to send an item that won't fit in a normal size envelop is naturally going to cost more. You might have to purchase a small box for each item, plus the shipping will increase. Make sure to set a budget and stick to it. If you have an idea, make one sample and take it to the post office to double check on shipping costs for each one before you make them all and then end up way over budget.

♥ Tickets

There are so many cute things you can do with a "Ticket" themed Save the Date. You can have concert tickets made up on your home computer or through an online order like the one pictured in red here from party 411.

Instead of a concert ticket, what about a ticket like the ones they use at the fair? Have some printed up with your wedding information and include a roll of "tickets" with your save the date card. This one in orange says "Our Ticket to Love." Be creative and come up with your own saying that makes a clever play on words.

♥ Travel Documents

For a Destination Wedding or a wedding where a lot of people will have to fly to get to the event, consider having mock travel documents made up.

The Boarding Pass pictured here is from Custom Paperworks, and you couldn't ask for a more original and fun idea!

Also consider a fun passport to love! If you want to make your save the date "passport" several pages long, you could include a small map of the area, directions, and even information on the destination city included.

♥ Other Fun Ideas

As you have seen so far, you can do just about anything as long as you can imagine it! Think of putting a custom wrapper on a chocolate bar that announces your wedding date and time! It might not last long once they get it, but it is sure to get their attention!

Check out this very sweet pinwheel Save the Date from Shutter Love Studio. This is a very cute and whimsical way to announce your wedding date to friends and family. Send a giant round sucker with a sticker on it, or personalized water bottles.

You can even order your very own wedding wine online and send out bottles of wine with your wedding information printed on the label! The sky (and your budget) is the limit!

Do's and Don'ts

DO: Have fun with your ideas! This is one area of the wedding where you can really let your creativity shine through in a fun and humorous way.

DON'T: Spend too much time worrying or stressing about it! You have much more important things to start thinking about (like cakes and gowns!!). Brainstorm ideas and compare costs, but make a decision and go for it!

DO: Include a line on the Save The Date that lets guests know that a formal invitation and further details will follow!!

DON'T: Mention where you are registered on your Save the Date announcements! You should only list that information on shower invitations. Use word of mouth to get the word out!

DO: Feel free to print the addresses on labels with your computer. No etiquette rules here about handwritten addresses!

DON'T: Forget to list your wedding website on the card! If you have a website, this is the PERFECT place to advertise it! Then, you can put all the travel, hotel, and location details on the website for everyone to study!

DO: Use your Save the Dates as a fun bonding time to DIY with your future spouse!!


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    • profile image

      saonlinedating 6 years ago

      Good info

    • profile image

      Steph Paalmer 7 years ago

      Sorry, a friend submitted that last comment under my name. Please delete. Thanks for the suggestions, I love em!

    • profile image

      Steph Paalmer 7 years ago

      Those weren't that good. Why all the excitement?

    • PearTreeGreetings profile image

      PearTreeGreetings 7 years ago from Rexburg, ID

      Great ideas! I love the tip of personalizing save the date cards to match the theme of the wedding invitations, too. The save the date card is usually guests' first impression of the big event, so it is important to make it a good one!

    • profile image

      Danielle  7 years ago

      Where can I have tickets printed (the ones you would use for a fair)? This is such a cute idea and I would love to use it.

    • profile image

      Cali 7 years ago

      where in the world do I find those pens! I can't find them anywhere. Help please!

    • profile image

      Sarah Park 7 years ago

      There are some lovely save the date cards ideas here. I am currently looking for inspiration to offer different types of save the date cards to my customers.

    • profile image

      Shannon  7 years ago

      Thank you so much! These are such fun and easy ideas! I am personally going to use the passport idea. I can't wait to get started!

    • profile image

      Diana 7 years ago

      I LOVE the travel ticket! so so so old school and so cool!

    • profile image

      Abigail 9 years ago

      Thank you so much!!!

    • profile image

      Andrew Havens 9 years ago

      Great compilation of save-the-date ideas. You have sparked my inspiration!