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Disney Princess Frozen Happy Birthday Party

Updated on March 26, 2015
Lily Ruth singing a solo in a Christmas Concert
Lily Ruth singing a solo in a Christmas Concert | Source

Lily Ruth just turned six years old. She has special needs because she was born with spina bifida. She has a bright pink wheelchair with wheels that light up.

Lily has a beautiful singing voice and recently sang a solo at a concert while she sang "Where Are You Christmas?" She has enough confidence to sing in front of a large audience and we are so happy for her.

At the end of the Christmas Concert, there was a special guest who came out and greeted everyone and then danced with them. It was Olaf from "Frozen". The stage was full of performers doing their thing.

Olaf dances with participants in a Christmas Concert and Lily.
Olaf dances with participants in a Christmas Concert and Lily. | Source

But that was just the beginning of a beautiful December day celebrating Lily's 6th birthday. We were invited to her aunties house for a Princess Party. Being the grandmother was fun, because I got to see each little girl enter in her dress up Princess clothes.

There were many Elsa's, some Anna's from Frozen and a few from other Disney princess movies. They were all so excited and in a party mood. Some of the girls wore wigs or tiaras and some had makeup.

Princess birthday party
Princess birthday party | Source

Lily's mother started a game of duck/goose, but the words were replaced with snowflake and Olaf. They had fun chasing each other in circles.

Then the doorbell rang. Lily went with her parents to the door and were so surprised to find that Elsa and Anna from the Frozen movie were at their door. They were dressed just like in the movie and were mesmerizing. All of the little girls screamed in delight for their visitors. They invited them in. The guests stayed in character the whole time, talking to each little girl, presenting them with a picture to color and signing their names. Then they asked the girls if they wanted to sing some songs from the movie. They sang "Love is an Open Door" and "Let it Go". Almost every little girl sang along with all the words.

Else, Anna and Lily at her birthday party!
Else, Anna and Lily at her birthday party! | Source

Along with the singing Else and Anna did the appropriate motions and the little girls followed along. I was curious how this movie had such an effect on these little girls. Hopefully the movie engenders positive behavior at home and develops closer sisterhood.

At a time when many were sick and tired of the lyrics to "Let It Go", it had made such an impression on these beautiful little children.

Then together Elsa and Anna told an abridged version of the whole story and encouraged them to look for good men to be their boyfriends in the future. Also, that it was not good to get married before being a good friend to that person. Some of the children had comments about boyfriends, even though they were only six. Hopefully they can still remember it in to their teens.

Another little princess getting special attention from Else and Anna
Another little princess getting special attention from Else and Anna | Source

They were taught how to curtsy and be polite by saying please and thank you.

Finally it was time for the Frozen guests to leave. Everyone thanked them for coming and some gave them big hugs. Then the little girls colored their pictures and sang Happy Birthday to Lily. She was all smiles as she blew out her candles. Then they shared in the cake which had a picture of Lily together with Elsa and Anna on it. There was also ice cream in three flavors.

After that, Lily got to open her birthday presents, many of which followed the princess theme. It was a very special birthday put on by some loving parents for their daughter. Her only brother was a curious onlooker and once in a while, he would run through the room, so Lily didn't have all the attention!

Lily singing "Where Are You Christmas?"

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

© 2014 Elayne


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