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8 Unique Frozen Disney Movie Birthday Party Items

Updated on December 10, 2014

Frozen is a 2013 animated film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. The film depicts the story of an energetic, fearless princess who sets off on a bold journey alongside a scruffy iceman, his big but loyal reindeer and a funny, clueless snowman in quest to find her lost sister, who has mistakenly trapped an entire kingdom in an endless winter with her icy powers.

Anna and Elsa are the main characters in the film with Elsa being the oldest. It is she who possesses the ability to produce ice at will, and in the beginning the two sisters are the best of friends, with Elsa producing beautiful ice sculptures and statues. However, once day whilst playing with her sister, Elsa mistakenly injures her sister.Her parents are horrified and separate Elsa and Anna, who as a result become estranged from each other.

This Disney movie is not just an engaging movie, but teaches us about morals too. It is arguably this that makes the movie much loved by almost all children, and the sisterly theme makes it even more perfectly suited to young girls.

So, if you, your child or your friend has a party coming up - make it the most memorable and magical experience with these fantastic party items!

1. Blue Disney Frozen Pre Filled Sweet Party Cones

These 8inch long cones contain a variety of sweets and flavours. If any of the sweets are unsuitable, you may even send a request to the seller who will substitute the undesired sweets for a different kind. Each cone contains:

  • Blue Millions

  • Haribo Milk Bottles / White Jelly Dolphins

  • Blue Jelly Dolphins

  • Mini Marshmallows

  • Sour Raspberries

  • Large Marshallows

  • Raspberry Bon Bons

  • Raspberry Cubes

2. Pack of eight Disney Frozen Loot bags

3. Pack of Six Frozen Bubble Liquid Tubs

6x officially branded Frozen bubble tubs which come in a 60ml bottle containing bubble solution and a blower.

These are very high quality and have received 100% feedback from customers who have bought these. Each bottle also has a built in ball maze on the lid.

4. Frozen cake decorations

Frozen Snowflake Colourful Wristbands

These high quality wristbands are perfect for Frozen themes parties!

  • Make a fantastic original and exciting addition to your child's party bags, pinatas or great for pass the parcel gifts!
  • Can also use them to have 'team games' at the party!

They make great Stocking Fillers too!

6. New Frozen Luxury Kids Birthday Decoration Set

This epic decoration set contains everything you'll need to make your party completely "Frozen" with style!

The set contains everything from Frozen napkins to Frozen plates, invitation cards, gift bags, and even a frozen tablecloth, plus much much more.

Click on the link below to find out more:

7. Frozen's Olaf BIG Helium Balloon

These helium balloons are a whopping 28 inches and can be filled with helium OR air. If you don't have access to a helium supply at home, you can take a trip to your nearest party or toy store, who will be more than happy to fill Olaf up with some helium and bring him to life. Most stores with probably do this for a small fee, but no more than a couple of dollars.

8. Life Sized Anna and Elsa Soft Toys

These plush handmade dolls are the perfect gift for either a birthday or Christmas present.


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