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Fun Alternatives to Halloween Candy

Updated on October 20, 2011

Those little bags of Halloween candy quickly add up, especially when children eat most of their bag the first night. Healthy alternatives to Halloween candy give you ways to treat kids without adding empty calories. Don’t worry about the neighborhood kids hating you for giving out toothpaste or apples because these treats are so good that kids might even come back!

Halloween Toys

Halloween toys are a simple way of giving a treat to the neighborhood kids. Visit your favorite party store and see what they have available for the season. Those same little plastic toys you stuff inside a goody bag for your child’s party will put a smile on the face of every kid that stops by your door. Look for temporary tattoos, rubber ducks dressed in costumes, fake teeth, wax lips, stickers, bouncy balls, bubbles, and miniature playing cards.

Craft Ideas

Kids love crafts and what could be better than a tiny crafting tool just for them? Instead of passing out Halloween candy, pass out pencils or funny toppers for the pencils. Erasers shaped like animals or in Halloween shapes last well beyond beggars’ night. A small packet of crayons or markers let the kids release their inner artists. For a fun alternative to Halloween candy, opt for coloring or activity pages. Print the pages out yourself, using your home computer and treat each child to one or more pages.

Healthy Treats

If you still want to pass out a treat, then look for healthier options other than candy. Packs of cheese and crackers make kids smile and give mom and dad something they won’t mind the kids eating. Individual packs of pretzels, sugar-free gum, tiny boxes of raisins, or mixed nuts are some other ideas. if you have membership to a warehouse club, buy a large box of hot chocolate packets or single-serve popcorn. Treat each child to their own packet when they come to your door.

Miscellaneous Items

Modeling clay or child’s clay now comes in tiny canisters, just right for building at home. Play-Doh even comes in tiny canisters for beggars’ night. Dollar stores have an abundance of glow-sticks in individual packages. Pass out packages to each child or give one glow-stick to each kid. Fake money and plastic jewelry, including necklaces and rings or stick-on earrings for girls, are a fun alternative to Halloween candy. If all else fails, keep a bowl of quarters, dimes, nickels, or pennies near the front door and give those to children.


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