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Fun & Interesting Halloween Trivia Facts

Updated on October 30, 2012

Mysticism. Magic. Darkness. Autumn. The after-life. Halloween is one of the most captivating and versatile holidays of them all. Celebrated by both adults and children, Halloween is the most fun time of year. It's a time when all disbelief is suspended, if only for a day. It's a day for pretend, for magic, for remembrance and for family.

With this magnificent holiday fast approaching, many people may be getting a head start on party planning. Looking for some fun party games? Why not create a game of trivia with the fun Halloween trivia facts in this hub!

By Salvatore Vuono on
By Salvatore Vuono on | Source
  • Jack o' Lanterns originated in Ireland.
  • The Count Dracula Society was founded in 1962.
  • The mask used by Michael Meyers in the movie "Halloween" was actually the actor William Shatner's mask, painted white.
  • The number one candy of choice for Halloween is Snickers.
  • The famous magician, Harry Houdini, died on Halloween, 1926 in Detroit, MI.
  • Candy corn was invented in the 1880s by George Renninger of the Wunderies Candy Company.
  • National Candy Corn Day is on October 30th.
  • 10% of pet owners dress their pets in Halloween costumes.
  • The word "Witch" means wise one.
  • Orange is a Halloween color because it is associated with the Fall Harvest.
  • Black became a Halloween color because black is associated with death.
  • The word "Halloween" means All Hallows Eve.
  • The original script for the movie Halloween was titled The Babysitter Murders
  • The next full moon on Halloween night will be October 31, 2020.

  • A silver bullet can kill werewolves.
  • Casper the friendly ghost first appeared in a series titled "Noveltoons" in 1946.
  • A majority of us, 48%, believe in ghosts.
  • One of the most filmed movie characters (if not the most filmed) is Dracula.
  • The American Film Institute's "most thrilling" movie of all time is Psycho.
  • Mexico celebrates the Day of the Dead, starting at midnight on October 31st.
  • An old North American superstition states that if a black cat crosses your path, it is an omen of bad luck.
  • The ancient Celts used turnips to carve their jack o' lanterns.
  • The Bell Witch Cave is one of the most active haunted spots in America according to American Ghost Society.
  • CSI: NY had an episode titled "Boo". This episode aired on October 31, 2007 and took place in Amityville.
  • William Shakespeare was the author of the poem "The Witches Spell", a fun Halloween poem.
  • Linus is the only one in the Peanuts gang who believes in the Great Pumpkin.
  • The movie Hocus Pocus was released in 1993.
  • If you suffer from an intense fear of Halloween, you likely have a phobia called Samhainophobia.
  • According to legend, a unibrow, tattoos, and a long middle finger are all signs of werewolves.
  • No actual "witches" were burned at the stake in the Salem Witch Trials.
  • The ancient culture of the Celtic Tribes give us many of our Halloween traditions.
  • 19 people were hung during the Salem Witch Trials.
  • The owl is the only animal that can live with a ghost.
  • According to some cultures, a Witch's eyes are red.
  • 5 people died in the original Halloween movie.
  • Phasmophobia is the fear of ghosts.
  • More than 30,000 werewolf cases were tried between 1520 and 1630 in France.
  • There is a Transylvania County in the U.S. State of North Carolina.
  • Poltergeist are psychokinetic activity.
  • "The Halloween Tree" is a 1972 fantasy novel by an American author named Ray Bradbury.
  • Transylvania, the home of Count Dracula, is a historic region in Romania.
  • Ghouls are grave robbers.
  • Apples became associated with Halloween because of harvest festivals celebrating the Roman goddess Pamona.
  • Pumpkins not only come in orange, but also in white, blue and green.
  • Tootsie Rolls were the first wrapped penny candy in America.
  • Halloween candy sales average about 2 billion dollars every year in the US.
  • Halloween ranks as the 2nd most commercially successful holiday. Christmas is the first.
  • Gargoyles are believed to have been created by medieval architects and stone carvers to ward off evil spirits.
  • It is believed that the sighting of a spider on Halloween means the spirit of a loved one is watching over you.

Did I Miss Anything?

I love learning about Halloween. This list of trivia facts is probably not as long as it could be. So please, If you have any facts that you didn't see on this list, let me know in a comment. I will be happy to add them with credit to you.

Happy Halloween!!!

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    • faithbuilder23 profile image

      faithbuilder23 5 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Great reading!!! Thanks for sharing!

    • shai77 profile image

      Chen 5 years ago

      I knew some of those, but I didn't know a lot of them and found it very informative. great hub, thanks for sharing all that. These are going to be fun things to talk about on Halloween this year.

    • Skylar Spring profile image

      Skylar Spring 6 years ago from New York

      @david... Thanks for reading! Glad you found it entertaining :)

    • daviddwarren22 profile image

      daviddwarren22 6 years ago

      It's a fun and entertaining hub. Thanks for sharing.