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Fun Party Themes

Updated on January 10, 2013

With many of the most festively celebrated holidays behind us, it got me thinking about party themes that can hold us over until at least St. Patrick’s day. Done correctly, these party ideas will make you forget that it’s the middle of January.

80's Party


For some reason, the 80’s just won’t die. We obviously don’t want them to, because this theme always makes for a blast. And why would we want the 80’s to be over? Why would anyone in their right mind want to say goodbye to big hair, neon colors, and shoulder pads?? Asides from the fashion, this makes for a great party theme because the musical selection is obvious. Put on some Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Whitney Houston, and you have yourself a party!

Beach In The Middle Of Winter Party


I can tell you from experience that this party theme is always a hit. Nothing helps you forget a blizzard going on outside like wearing a bikini (check out The Orchid Boutique for some great options) and sipping a tropical cocktail (mini umbrella suggested). If you have the right space to do it, sand on the floor helps set the beachy mood. Put on the biggest songs of last summer, grill some hot dogs and hamburgers on your stove, and enjoy your vacation for the evening. You’re welcome.

High School Party


Relive your glory days by throwing a high school house party. Tell your guests to pick a stereotype, and to come dressed as a cheerleader, jock, nerd, goth, or whatever other high school “characters” they can think of. Prepare some jungle juice and get ready to have a night you’ll never remember with friends you’ll never forget (or whatever it is that you wrote in your best friend’s yearbook).

Traffic Light Party


This is fun if you have lots of single friends. Guests dress in colors corresponding with their relationship status. If they are in a relationship, they wear red and can mingle with other guests just there for the festivities. If they are single, they wear green and can find other lonely souls. And if they are somewhere in between single and in a relationship (open relationship, separated, etc), they can wear yellow and decide for themselves what type of night they are going to have. A cute touch – provide red, green, and yellow light bites (a strawberry-kiwi-banana salad, perhaps?)

Masquerade Party


Not your average throw-it-together party, this is more along the lines of a cocktail party (cocktail attire required). But what gives this theme a twist is that guests must wear a mask – the most extravagant, the better! Prepare classy drinks for your guests, and see how many martinis it takes for people to start taking off their masks. Have on hand tiny hor d’ouvres, like caviar on little crackers. This theme is a class act!


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