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Fun Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Updated on May 14, 2016
Anna Marie Bowman profile image

Anna wears many hats: writer, mother, crafter. Over the years, she has found what works and what doesn't for herself and her family.

A Truly Strange Shopping Journey

As I was playing around online, doing a little bit of shopping for Christmas, I found a lot of strange, fun, and wonderful stocking stuffer ideas. Some of these are pretty awesome, and some are just downright silly.

In my family, the stockings are almost as important as the presents under the tree. My family is also famous for our love of playing little jokes on each other. One year, my sister wanted a Christmas cracker. You know, the kind that you pull apart, they make a pop, and there are little gifts inside. Well, as a joke, I wrapped up a saltine cracker and tucked it in her stocking. She was so mad, but we all got a good laugh over it. My mom is also great at playing little jokes on us. From coal candy to a pooping penguin wind-up toy, she is always coming up with funny ways to mess with us.

So, in the spirit of my silly and wonderful family, I found some fun, and kind of silly, stocking stuffer ideas. Some of them are just fun and nostalgic, others are beyond silly and great for a laugh. Though, some of them are interesting, and even useful.

So Much Fun

I had a lot of fun looking through all these fun and silly stocking stuffer gifts. There are some great ideas that are sure to bring a smile to someone's face this Christmas.

iPlunge Phone Stand: This thing caught my attention right away. Who came up with this? It's great!!! It's pretty much what it sounds like. It's a plunger (you know, like the one you use on your toilet) that you attach to the back of your mp3 player or cell phone and it props it up. It's a fun little gift that is sure to get a little giggle out of that tech savy person on your shopping list. I first found this cute little thing at for only $5.99.

Lump Of Coal Soap: A great gift for the naughty people on your shopping list. Maybe they just need a warning and a reminder to "clean up" their act. Santa's Coal soap comes in it's own drawstring gift bag, so no need for wrapping, unless you want to draw out the gag a little. The soap smells better than it looks. It has a refreshing and sweet candy cane scent. I found it for $5.50 on Amazon from eBubbles. If soap isn't your thing, there is also lumps of coal candy, chocolate, and bouncy balls.

Retro-Themed Belt Buckles: I fell in love with these right away, even though I rarely use belt buckles. I would still want one. I guess it's a longing for the simpler times of my childhood. I guess nostalgia affects us all eventually. I found these charming little belt buckles at They have all sorts of retro items, and don't restrict themselves to just the 80's either. There is a wide variety of belt buckles to choose from. They have classic Nintendo themed buckles, along with Atari, G.I.Joe, Bert and Ernie, Wonder Woman and Superman. They even have belts to go with some of the belt buckles. Prices range from $9-24. A great gift for your grown-up (sort of) 80's child.

Super Magnetic Putty: This fun and slightly strange stocking stuffer is way beyond the silly putty stuff I remember getting as a child. This putty seems to have a life of it's own. It kind of looks like a blob of molten lead. The tiny iron particles in the putty is what gives it it's amazing magnetic properties. It comes with a magnet, and when the magnet is placed near the putty, the putty will actually stretch itself out to reach the magnet. Once magnetized, it can lift paperclips and other small metal objects. This would be a fun gift for a science-minded child or a fun gift for someone's desk. I found this at Uncommon Goods for only $14.00.

80's Cube Alarm Clock: We have all struggled with that evil, evil cube. The mindless torture we went through trying to solve the seemingly simple puzzle, only to see some kid solve the thing in under a minute. I am sure we have all had thoughts of destroying and dismantling the annoying little cube. Now it's back to annoy us once more, only this time as everyone's favorite wake-up call. This 80's Cube alarm clock is sure to spark some fond, or not so fond, memories in a lot of people on your holiday shopping list. I found this little torture device on Amazon from X-treme Geek for only $17.95. Not a bad price for a gift that is sure to amuse and irritate a less than favorite person on your list, or at least a person with a sense of humor.

Saint & Sinner Wine Stopper Set: We all have a good side and a bad side. These wine stoppers are a great way to display the mood you are in. Are you feeling naughty or nice? Give these as a set, or have a little fun. Separate the set and give each one individually. You get to play Santa and decide who you think has been naughty and who has been nice. They are both made of pewter and feature a hole to hold the wine cork. At only $14.95 from Vat19, this set is a charming and inexpensive stocking stuffer that would be great for the wine lover in your life.

Which one are you? A Saint? Or a sinner?
Which one are you? A Saint? Or a sinner?

A Christmas Story Ohh...Fudge Candy: I really don't like this movie, I will admit that. I do recognize it for it's strange cult following. My mom loves the movie. I sent her a picture of this candy and she told me right away that she wanted some. I am sure fans of the movie can hear the narration from this scene running through their heads right now. The candy is actually made in a small factory in the very town where the movie was filmed. The candy comes in two flavors; Creamy Chocolate Fudge and Chocolate Walnut Fudge, and at a price of $7.95 from, it's a great gift for the leg lamp owning person on your Christmas shopping list, but please, don't go the extra mile by getting them a giant pink bunny suit.


Adult Sock Monkey Slippers: I don't know why, but I love sock monkeys! They are classic and so cute. I am in the middle of making a sock monkey for my daughter right now. I hope she loves it as much as I do. She loves monkeys. These slippers from Uncommon Goods are so adorable! They have sizes ranging from small to extra large, and also have slippers for kids and babies, along with a variety of other sock monkey themed items. There is a sock monkey gift for everyone on your list. These cute slippers are sure to warm the feet and hearts of anyone who receives them. At $28 for the adult sizes, they are a great and inexpensive gift.

I would wear these!!
I would wear these!!

A Christmas Story Ralphie Bobble Head: Yep, another Christmas Story gift. I know, I know... I can almost hear people saying, "You'll shoot your eye out!" as they read this. It's almost more than I can bear. This 8 inch high bobble headed Ralphie comes complete with his long sought after Red Ryder BB Gun. I found this fun little gift at for $17.99. They also have other A Christmas Story themed items, including a desk sized leg lamp, posters and a couple of other bobble heads. I know we all have someone on our list that is in love with A Christmas Story. Now, if only I could decide between the candy and the bobble head...

Electronic Bubble Wrap Key Chain: What could be better than endless fun with bubble wrap wherever you go? I don't know...can't think of anything, actually. This key chain is great!!! I want one for myself. It has eight little buttons that feel like real bubble wrap. When you press the buttons, you get that fun and satisfying little pop! Every 100th pop gives you a little something different. No pop this time! It could be any of a number of strange sounds. I cannot believe no one came up with this sooner! This is the best invention since the Bacon Wave. The bubble wrap key chain is the perfect stocking stuffer for that OCD person in your life or anyone who loves bubble wrap, and who doesn't?? For $9.99 at, this is a great little gift, and if you shop for one, make sure you get one for me, too!!

Pooping Santa Candy Dispenser: You heard me right. I said pooping Santa. I have seen several versions of the same theme. In fact, my daughter got a pooping penguin candy dispenser a few years ago in her stocking. This is a fun gift for kids, collectors of Santa items, or anyone with a great sense of humor. They also come in reindeer, snowman or moose styles. The dispensers are refillable, and come with little candies for the dispenser to poop out. Santa comes with festive red and green poop. The reindeer comes with more poo-like brown candies. I found these charming little stocking stuffers at for $5.99, but have seen them several other places as well. These little candy dispensers are sure to illicit giggles from your kids when they watch Santa take a tasty little poop on the table on Christmas morning.

BuckyBalls Set: While these may look like a fun toy, they are not intended for kids. Bucky Balls are strong magnetic balls. These could be potentially dangerous if swallowed by a young child, so keep them away from the little ones. They do make a great gift for someone's desk, or office. These things are addictive to play with. You can make simple shapes, or complex artistic sculptures. BuckyBalls provide hours of mindless entertainment that will keep the recipient of this gift from getting any real work done. I found them for $32.99 at

Bar10der: What is the Bar10der? It's a neat, little tool that is perfect for anyone with a little bar inside their house. Whether it be a backyard tiki bar, or a fully stocked basement bar, this tool will come in handy. It's kind of like the Swiss Army knife, except for your bar. It has a muddler, reamer, stirrer, strainer, zester, jigger, corkscrew, and two different types of knives. All your bartending friend needs now is a drink shaker and some glasses, and they are all set. I found these at Amazon for about $16.

Fun Tea Infusers: I know a lot of people that love tea, and a whimsical tea infuser is a great gift idea for your friends and family that also love tea. I have found numerous adorable tea infusers, from a Star Wars Death Star, to robots, or a deep sea diver. Think about who the gift is for, and decide what they would like the best. I am sure you can find a unique tea infuser that they would love. Prices vary depending on the item, and range anywhere from a few dollars to about $15, so they are affordable for pretty much everyone. They can be found just about anywhere.

I found this adorable Yellow Submarine tea infuser on Amazon.
I found this adorable Yellow Submarine tea infuser on Amazon.

© 2010 Anna Marie Bowman


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