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Funny Christmas Gifts for Him or Her

Updated on November 5, 2014

The holiday season is that wallet-thinning time of year when each person has a chance to celebrate, dissolve, or meh a connection with friends and family through the purposeful selection of gifts. This challenges those in the spirit of giving to come up with something the recipient will like. Finding something unique presents an added degree of difficulty. The same dull companies publish catalogs with the same boring products and often time add to the quagmire of finding a meaningful gift. Everyone is searching for the gold needle in the landfill haystack. Maybe this list will help you find that special gift or, at a minimum, provide temporary relief while surfing an internet sea full of even worse crap for sale.

The Boyfriend Pillow

Do you know somebody who likes to cuddle? Well now they can all on their own with the Boyfriend Pillow! Enjoy the room temperature embrace of an inanimate object. The ergonomical design makes this the perfect pillow for nuzzling. Feel at ease in the arm of a fluffed loved one. The dapper pillow wears a nice button shirt with color options for customization.

Breakdown: So maybe don't give this to somebody who is acutely aware of their loneliness. It can make a great gag gift to most people with a sense of humor, though, and it's conceivable that a few people could really enjoy cuddling up to a humorous pillow. It's hard to imagine the pillow is more comfortable than a bed pillow, but its concise design may make it unusually good for toting around the house.

Offensive Business Cards

Nothing says professionalism like a business card. Now your insults can appear in ready-made print! The Offensive Business Cards box contains 100 cards split into 8 templates to encourage a user to actually give them out. Surprise coworkers at the office or unsuspecting new contacts you meet while out and about. This makes a great gift for yourself or another. You could even divvy the contents up and make several stocking stuffers.

Breakdown: The insults are bound to be a mixed bag of winners and losers. Buying a box lot of them is much easier than making it yourself at home, though, so it's a small price to pay for the convenience of having 100 practical jokes printed out for you.

Titanic and Iceberg Ice Cube Tray

Too soon? Icebergs and cruise liners are always in vogue thanks to the blockbuster hit film Titanic. Now you can recreate the iconic scene in your very own glass using ice cubes. Enjoy the icy ship by itself or up against an icy sphere. Amuse yourself or your friends by sharing a moment in history in your very own cup.

Breakdown: This makes a great gift to anyone who fondly remembers the Titanic film, whether because they loved it or loathed it. This gift can be enjoyed by reverent old people just as much as it can be by young pranksters. It's a small price to pay for something you or a friend may actually keep in the freezer and use for years to come.

Stress Cupcake

Cupcakes and stress balls. The perfect marriage of a trendy dessert and classic trinket can now be held in your hand. And squeezed. Squeezed really hard if you are pissed off, too. Bring life to a stress ball with this fun shape.

Breakdown: Does anyone actually buy a stress ball for themselves because they feel they need one? Doubtful. Most stress balls are given away and known more for being uninteresting than they are for being any kind of useful. If somebody is going to have one, why not have it be a cute conversation starter? This is the one stress ball a person doesn't have to feel ashamed of when displaying.

Star Wars Accordion Sun Shade

"That's no moon." It's the sun! Protect yourself from it with this Star Wars-themed shade. The picture is a recognizable view straight through the "windshield" of the Millennium Falcon that any Star Wars fan in your life is sure to immediately recognize. This print design can make using a sun shade hip again.

Breakdown: Most people don't use a sun shade, but everyone could benefit from using one. This epic design is great incentive for a Star Wars fan to begin using a sun shade. This stylish print is the difference between a totally forgotten automotive product and something you or a person in your life will go out of their way to show off whenever possible.

Retro Tuxedo Tee

The tuxedo tee fashion has caught on enough that tee fashionistas can now take it one step further by adding a retro look. The retro tuxedo tee shirt can be found in blue and orange. This is definitely a shirt asking to be noticed.

Breakdown: Print t-shirts aren't for everyone, but some people worship the trend like a religion and attend services daily by donning a new one every time they get dressed. This shirt is probably a necessity for those individuals. Most people enjoy a funny shirt in moderation, though, and this retro design should appeal to many people with a sense of humor.

Go the F**k to Sleep Children's Book

This book for parents written in the style of a children's book is the de facto present for parents raising a young child. Parents can immediately relate to the struggle to put a child to sleep. The book oozes humor through every page to give parents a laugh while being about an otherwise sore subject in real life.

Breakdown: Parents rarely get to enjoy children's books despite having to read them in bulk. Parents certainly don't enjoy their sleepless nights, either. Well along comes a not-for-children's book to which parents can relate. The humor is depraved. The language is crude. It's the perfect contrast to all the other books piling up in the baby's room. The book is a great way for parents to enjoy parenting together in a humorous adult capacity.


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