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Oh Those Humorous Christmas Music Videos

Updated on November 26, 2017

Many Holidays

The Christmas season is almost upon is and besides the obvious peace, joy and religious observations that come with the holidays, there is also a rich tradition of merrymaking and mischief, associated with this annual event. Part of the reason for this spontaneous outpouring of wit and satire may have something to do with the fact that Christmas happens to fall very near the first day of the Roman calendar (January 1) and the winter solstice (December 21).

These two pre-Christian holidays have long been associated with joyous revelry; and I can't help but relish in the fact that some of the good times have rubbed off on the Christian festivities that are celebrated at the Christmas season. To get things started take a look at this short, zany Christmas cartoon.

Getting In the Christmas Mood

Following are two Christmas music videos that ought to bring smiles to your face and a little warmth to your heart. Next, I have selected two popular musical numbers sung and performed by some very talented singers. These songs include Winter Wonderland by the gospel trio of Trin-i-tee 5: 7 ( ) and then Let It Snow by the Brian Setzer Orchestra ( Both of these popular musical numbers should ignite the Christmas spirit within.

Let It Snow

Winter Wonderland

Getting Around

Christmas time has many people taking to the highways and byways, usually to visit friends or family. The next two videos, take a humorous look at the obstacles of holiday travel. check out this humorous take on Felix Navidad, called Police Stop My Car ( Or you can also listen to Chuck Berry's, Run Rudolf Run (, which includes some genuine footage of reindeer pulling a sleigh.

Police Stop My Car

Run Run Rudolf

Not Just Another Christmas Cartoon

Rock and heavy metal fans should enjoy listening to these cartoon characters get down with some wild musical licks. Christmas will never be the same of listening to A Charlie Brown Heavy Metal Christmas, (

A Charlie Brown Heavy Metal Christmas

Escape Christmas?

I had to put in one clip that wasn't funny; just very poetic and a bit surrealistic. Nonetheless, everyone should enjoy River by Joni Mitchell, (

River by Joni Mitchell

Black Humor

And now for some intelligent black humor. First go to the rap group, Run DMC, who do a fun job of portraying Yuletide in NYC. This video, featuring a black Santa Claus and a mischievous elf is called Christmas In Hollis, ( In Don't Shoot Me Santa, (, viewers will see is a much darker portrayal of Santa Claus.

Christmas In Hollis by Run MDC

Don't Shoot Me Santa by The Killers

One of My Favorites

In this clever musical short, Twisted Sister makes a surprise visit to neat and tidy couple, quietly exchanging gifts. O Come All Ye Faithful, ( is a Christmas music video not to be missed.

O Come All You Faithful


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