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Funny Halloween dog and cat costumes

Updated on March 14, 2011

Some tricks but no treats for your pooch this Halloween

To tell the truth, I am not really fond of dogs in costumes. I own two Rottweilers and it just seems to me that I would take their dignity away should I dress them up in costumes. However, I must admit that some dogs, especially the petite ones look pretty cute in some costumes.

My friend owned a pug and she used to dress him up every Halloween with a fancy bow tie and a tuxedo. He looked hilarious! My other friend instead had a Cavalier King Charles and she was dressed up as a ballerina. The pink color really suited her well, and even though as I said I am not that crazy for dressed up dogs, she really looked cute and almost seemed like enjoying showing off her pink little outfit.

Not all dogs accept costumes well. Some will be bothered others will try to rip them apart. However, there are some dogs that can care less and disregard the whole dressing up ordeal. Some dogs actually seem to enjoy showing off and getting that extra attention form friends and neighbors.

I never knew a cat that enjoyed being dressed up. As a kid I tried once to dress my cat up but he appeared very upset and ran off pissed off. However, I see that costumes for cats exist so there must be some cats wearing them!

If you are planning to spend your Halloween with your pooch (or kitty), please be very careful in keeping him/her away from chocolates. Chocolate contains theobromine, a substance that is toxic in dogs and can even turn deadly.

Should you find your dog eating chocolate consider that baking chocolate is the worst followed by milk chocolate and white chocolate which often doesn't even contain cocoa at all. You will need to call your vet promptly and provide the amount ingested, the type of chocolate, your dog's weight and the approximate time of consumption. Should less than two hours have passed your vet may recommend to induce vomiting. Always keep handy 3% hydrogen peroxide.

So your dog this Halloween may enjoy a few tricks but make sure he stays away from the treats. This problem is more common than thought, every October 31st we had several calls at the vet hospital I worked at concerning chocolate ingestion. Practice caution therefore, and let all children know up front that chocolate is bad for your dog. Better be safe than sorry! Happy Halloween!

And a few for fancy felines...

Funniest pet costumes


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