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Gift Ideas for Pre-Teen Boys

Updated on March 18, 2018
Table of gifts
Table of gifts | Source


Every year around Christmas, I always see several moms post the question on Facebook "What are some gift ideas for a 10 (or you could insert 9 or 11 or 12) year old boy???" This is a common conundrum for us moms of boys in the pre-teen age range. I have found the older they get the harder it is to think of gifts for them. Of course, you can give them money and gift cards. Electronics are very popular as well but so many kids already have those items. There are only so many iPods, iPads and Xboxs you need at one time. What are grandparents, aunts and uncles going to get them for Christmas and birthdays? I am writing this hub with the hopes of inspiring you in your gift search. On Christmas morning or on a birthday, I want my son to have more to open than just a gift card or money. Occasionally, I would also like to surprise him with something he loves but didn't ask for or expect!

A stash of football memorabilia in my son's room
A stash of football memorabilia in my son's room | Source

For the Sport's Lover:

I have noticed for my son and his friends love items related to their favorite sport's teams. This opens up a wide variety of gift options for themed items representing the pre-teen's favorite team.

-hats and apparel

-sports toys/memorabilia - such as a NFL helmet team tracker

-room décor with team theme such as bedding, Fathead decals for wall, wall prints, etc (my son even wanted a New York Giants trash can for Christmas!)

-tickets to a game

-sports themed toys -One example is Oyos which are these great collectible lego-like sport's team figures. You can get general team sets or order and collect individual players. These items are collectible and fun to play with as well!

-sports cards/stickers and albums

-books related to sports. Books about sport's stars, books with sport's facts, or fictional stories. My son loves books by Mike Lupica who writes stories about boys this age involved in various sports.

-gift subscription to Sports Illustrated Kids Magazine - often they will also have a bonus sport's themed gift when you subscribe.

Trip to Legoland
Trip to Legoland | Source


Many boys this age are still lego fans. Gift ideas include:

-Lego sets - You can get lego sets in a variety of themes such as Star Wars, Superheroes, Ninjago, Minecraft etc as well as general building sets.

-A trip to Legoland in Orlando, FL or Carlsbad, CA

-A trip to a Lego Discovery Center See website for locations

-Lego themed books and movies

What does your pre-teen boy love?

See results
Minecraft handbooks available at many bookstores
Minecraft handbooks available at many bookstores | Source

For Video Game Lovers:

Of course, most boys this age are huge video game fans! And video games are easy gifts once you figure out which ones the gift recipient wants/needs. Sometimes being a fan of a particular video game can open up even more gift options. The video game Minecraft is vastly popular with this age group, and gift options related to this game are on the rise.

General video game related ideas:

-video games

-video game accessories such as controllers, headsets with microphones, gaming chairs

-Gamer books, guides and magazines

-Game theme related apparel

-Game theme related calendars, notebooks

Minecraft specific ideas:

-Minecraft themed Lego sets

-Minecraft toys

-Minecraft posters and calendars

-Minecraft guidebooks and handbooks

***also check out unique and original Minecraft gift ideas at Etsy

Photo Gift Ideas:

In my experience, most kids, even pre-teen boys, love to look at pictures of themselves! The last few years, I have made my kids personalized photo calendars for Christmas gifts. They are filled with pictures of them from events of the previous year. It has become a gift tradition they look forward to each year. My 11 year old son asked me just a few days ago about what pictures I would be using in his calendar this year! That question is actually what inspired me to write this hub. A few photo related gift ideas:

-personalized photo calendars - you can create these easily from online websites such as

-personalized photo books - themes might be from an event of the previous year/years such as school plays, sport's team seasons, birthday celebrations, special trips/vacations, or even just a year in review type theme are some ideas - these can also be created online at websites like Shutterfly or Snapfish

-framed photos

-themed picture frames representing a favorite style, team or sport

-themed picture albums - an idea could be a sport's themed album cover with the album filled with pictures from their team's year or a hunting themed cover with pictures of their different hunting experiences

-homemade scrapbooks

A page from a photo book I made with hunting photos.
A page from a photo book I made with hunting photos. | Source

Hunting, Fishing and Outdoors Lovers:

Many boys these age are also fans of the outdoors and love hunting and/or fishing. There are a variety of gift options for this type of fan.

-hunting and fishing equipment such as guns, bow and arrows, knives (all used with appropriate training and adult supervision!)

-all terrain vehicles with helmets


-hunting apparel

-tackle box, fishing poles, lures

-books/magazines about hunting

-dvds about hunting/fishing

-dvd of seasons of Duck Dynasty (very popular A&E family-friendly show which frequently features hunting and outdoor activities)


Book Lovers:

I love books! But, I don't want to get into book reviews for this article so I will refer to you to some lists of recommended books at this age.

Some books I noticed were hot items with the pre-teen boys at the school book fair besides traditional fiction are books of facts, top ten lists and various records (for example Guinness World Records).

Parting Words:

There are many other ideas I did not cover, but hopefully this will at least give you some inspiration or a starting point for brainstorming!

Of course, if there is nothing here that helps you I am sorry...there are always gift cards and money!


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    • cpaldridge profile image

      Christy Aldridge 4 months ago from MS

      Hope he enjoys his books Patcho!

    • profile image

      Patcho 4 months ago

      Recently I had my nephews birthday. High on his list was he wanted books on facts. So I ended up getting him one of the Ripleys books and an Annoyatron.

      The only thing about those Ripleys Books is the gross pictures, although maybe that's the appeal to kids!