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Best Christmas Games for all the Family

Updated on November 1, 2017
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Trudy otherwise know as tlcs has a lot of ideas about different things that she loves to share with others and is not afraid of the response

Time to get those muscles working again after that ginormous dinner!!
Time to get those muscles working again after that ginormous dinner!! | Source

After Dinner Games and Mints of course!

So you have had a wonderful time so far and everyone is crashed out in the lounge, full up and merry!

You have all watched the queens speech (or some of you) and it's now time to start playing those games!

Here are a few suggestions tried and tested to get you all motivated and screaming with laughter!

No peeking!
No peeking! | Source

An old favorite, Grandmother's footsteps

For this game you need at least 3 or more players.

So one player stand facing a wall (you could choose that person by using the eeny-meany-miney-mo method! so as to have no arguments!)

Who ever is chosen to face the wall is given the name 'IT'.

The rest of the players form a line four or five metres directly behind IT.

At a given signal, they creep up on the player against the wall, freezing whenever she turns round.

If the person who is IT spots one of the players moving shen can send them back to the start line to begin their creeping progress again.

The first player to reach the wall without being spotted has won, and takes their place at the wall for their own go at being IT!

Kids love this!

These children show you how it is done!


For this game you will need two or more people and you need to be getting some well earned fresh air!

The first task of the game is to draw the hopscotch grid on the ground.

Usually you will be able to find a piece of stone around somewhere that will leave a mark on concrete, otherwise you can scratch a grid in mud with a stick or even arrange individual sticks to create the pattern. Whatever you use, you will need a stone or some other object to use as a marker.

The first player has to throw the marker into the first square. If he or she misses the first square, or the stone lands on a line, he misses a turn.

If the marker lands successfully in the first square he can hp through the board and back again.

It is important that he or she lands on squares 4/5 and 7/8 with both feet and that the others are hopped.

If he lands on a line or hops the squares in the wrong order his turn ends in dismal failure!

After one successful turn, the marker may then be thrown into the second square and the process repeated.

The winner is the first person to successfully complete the course.

This is a nice gentle game to play in the fresh air with children after all the eating for now has been done!

This video shows you the rules for hopscotch!

Oh what fun after a great Christmas Dinner with the family!
Oh what fun after a great Christmas Dinner with the family! | Source

Hopscotch Pattern

Layout of hopscotch

This video shows you how to play British Bulldog! Enjoy!

The great British Bulldog Game!
The great British Bulldog Game! | Source

British Bulldog

You really need all of your guest to play this game!

Beware, this is a slightly violent game so children should not be involved!

This is also an outdoor game and preferably in a field!

To begin you need to mark out two safety areas called home, on either side of the playing areas near the ends (like a football goal post area). You could use a coat or jumper to mark the area or even a santa hat if anyone is wearing one!

One player is picked to be the first bulldog - it is most satisfying if an aggressive and socially dysfunctional member of the group is elected to this position (maybe someone who has had an awful lot to drink!)

All the other players stand in one of the home areas. The game begins with players attempting to run from one home to the other without being caught.

It is important to note that one you have left a home you cannot go back to the same one but must try your chance in no-mans-land!

The bulldog must try to catch the players and hang onto them long enough to shout 'British Bulldog' 1 2 3 .

If the bulldog is successful then the player who has been caught becomes a bulldog too.

The other players continue to run back and forth between the two home sides until all but one of them have been caught.

The last free player is the winner!

Go and get rid of that Christmas Pudding!
Go and get rid of that Christmas Pudding! | Source
This is how your play area should look
Get those arms and legs working!
Get those arms and legs working!

Double Dutch - This will certainly get rid of that overeaten feeling!

Double Dutch is played by 3 players or more.

t is a tricky but very impressive skipping game so you will need two skipping ropes which are then spun by two people simultaneously, a bit like an egg beater.

A third person then jumps deftly in between the ropes and, avoiding getting tangled, does tricks or gymnastics along to chanted songs such as the exhilarating verse below:-

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack jump over the candlestick.

Mumble, kick, Sizzler, split, Pop-ups 10 to 1 - Hit it. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1!

At the point where the players chant Jack jump over, the jumper jumps up as high as they can and both feet leave the ground.

At 'Mumble, the jumper keeps both feet together and executes little low hops.

At Kick, the jumber kicks his or her foot in and out.

At Sizzler, they cross and uncross their feet, a move known in double Dutch circles as sizzling.

At Split, they jump with their legs as wide apart as possible.

And at Pop the jumper jumps as high as possible with both feet leaving the ground.

I said it was quite tricky didn't I!

This video will help you with Double Dutch played by Divas!

Board games are fun too!
Board games are fun too! | Source

Or, alternatively you could stay indoors and play Charades or Board games or Cards!

Charades can be played with two or more players and the idea is in turn each of you mimic something (such as being a plane) and the others in the team have to guess what you are.

This video shows you how to play charades with Ewan McGregor!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone from tlcs hub pages!

It's thumbs up from me!
It's thumbs up from me! | Source

Which of these games would you and yours be likely to play?

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© 2014 Trudy Cooper


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