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Gangnam Style Halloween Wear

Updated on October 24, 2012

Unless you’re particularly averse to the idea of watching YouTube videos or listening to music, you’ve probably heard of the “Gangnam Style” video from Korean pop artist Psy. This whacky and totally catchy tune and dance made its internet debut a little over 3 months ago, yet became a huge pop culture sensation in only a matter of weeks. Currently sitting atop YouTube’s top 100 videos of all-time and sporting a whopping 340 million views, “Gangnam Style” is easily the biggest thing of the year.

The video also showcases some killer fashion pieces, and as Psy himself said on the Ellen Degeneres show, “This dance is about dressing classy, and dancing cheesy.” The outfits Psy and his team wear showcase this point brilliantly, and make a statement about rejecting the stiff attitude that typically follows when wearing a suit or blazer.

In the first shot of the video, Psy is seen wearing his now-trademark round-rimmed shades, complete with a stylish tortoise color. As the camera pans out, we get a shot of the entire look, including Psy’s white button-down shirt, creamsicle orange short scarf, and salmon shorts. Considering the video launched last summer, the pastel color scheme and layering were big trends for the season. No news yet on how this will evolve next year, but it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon.

Psy quickly rotates to a more sophisticated look, introducing a number of different colored blazers, blue and black specifically, matched with white and black button-down shirts. His bowtie alternates colors to contrast the button-down shirt, which creates a distinctly urban tuxedo look. The fashionable pop star completes the piece with black slacks and those iconic shades once again.

Although Psy does steal the show, he shares the spotlight with his female entourage and oddly androgynous yellow-suited dance partner. After rolling up in a Mercedes, the mystery man (woman?) gets groovy in a neon yellow suit with matching bumblebee Adidas sneakers while concealing his (her?) identity with oversized shades.

Of course, the fairer sex in the music video look just as good, if not better, than the rest of those on-screen. Dancing alongside the energetic frontman, the women of the video look positively glamorous in their sequined shorts, sheer white tops, tall white wedges, and silver cuffs.


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