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Ghost Halloween Costume - Best Ghost Costumes from Film and Literature - Express Shipping

Updated on July 17, 2011

Ghost Halloween Costume : Be Traditionally Original

We have all done it at one point or another, I imagine. Needed a quick costume, so grabbed the closest sheet we could find, figured it was white "enough," cut a few holes and popped on our Ghost Halloween costumes, if you were expecting a big Halloween goodies collection, you may even have taken the matching pillowcase to use to carry your booty.

As we age, the idea of just wearing a sheet for a Halloween costume, seems a little cheap and definitely comes off as unoriginal, but there are really a ton of great Ghosts in Film and literature that one could model an excellent Halloween costume after!

The ghost Halloween costume also has the benefit of being made in the last minute if something else falls through.

So what are some really classic Ghost costumes you could pursue? How about in recent films, any new ghost ideas come to mind ? II did some Brainstorming into famous ghost costumes and came up with this list and associated resources to buy a ghost Halloween costume.

Ghosts Costumes from Film and Literature that I will cover:

  • Scream Ghost Face Costume
  • Ghost of Christmas Past Costume (Future and Present)
  • Jacob Marley Ghost Costume
  • Casper the Ghost Costume
  • Slimer the Ghost Costume
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Ghost Costume
  • BeetleJuice Ghost Costume
  • Hogwarts Ghost Costumes
  • Make Your Own Ghost Costume

Scream Ghost Face Costumes

We can open with the Ghost Costume that is probably freshest in most modern minds. The Scream Ghost Face Costume. Really, where did it come from? Its kind of  scary look, but The Scream Movie series and Scary Movie Spoofs has made the image quite comical to me.

What Ghost was it copying? I really have no idea, so I had to look into it. Would you believe...and you should of course, as its obvious in retrospect, the Scream Ghost face Mask is actually based on the famous Munch painting ..."The Scream"

Cool - now buy one below and don't forget to pick up a big freeking knife too...

Prop Knifes with Disappearing blades

Pirates of the Caribbean Ghost Costume - Ghost Captain Costumes

Pirates of the Caribbean is just filled with Ghosts of one variety or another, the entire crew of the Black Pearl less Captain Jack are Living Dead, Ghosts being an apt enough description, plus the Davy Jones Ship and the cursed sailors who have dies at sea.

Essentially, any pirate costume can be a Ghost Pirate Costume, but there are a multitude of truly stunning costumes, most officially licensed by Disney, which encompass the best of both the pirate costumes and the ghostly nature of their curse.

Ghost Halloween Costumes
Ghost Halloween Costumes

Barnacle Bill Ghost Costume

The tatters , exposed wound and slightly ashy , other worldly caste of this costume, truly gives off a ghostly effect. This would be my pick for coolest Ghost Costume that doesn't require a mask.

It is available in childrens,teens and adult sizing.

Davey Jones Ghost Mask
Davey Jones Ghost Mask

Davey Jones Ghost Costume


Davey Jones Pirate Ghost Mask

Ive personally handled the Davey Jones Pirate Mask that is officiaaly licensed by Disney, it is amazing. The Davey Jones character is my favorite "villain" of recent years and I was really impressed by the realistic nature of the tentacles and the material of the hat.

You can either get a full Davey Jones Costume, or just buy a mask and pair that with any pirate costume.

One of the joys of picking a Pirate Ghost costume, is that you get to also pick up a sweet let yourself be a kid again and buy a sweet pirate sword, you wont regret it.

Casper The Friendly Ghost Costume

I think Ghost costume, and I think immediately of Casper the Friendly Ghost and then the song plays in my head...

"Casper, the friendly ghost
The friendliest ghost you know!
The grownups might look at him with fright,
But the children all love him so."

Apparently, Casper isn't that popular anymore. So if for nostalgia sake you want to dress up your kid as Casper, you can get a really cute option for your toddler on amazon. But, if you want to be Casper yourself, then you will be forced to buy a vintage costume from eBay, Casper masks from a time when Casper still was in our hearts and mind,,,

GhostBusters Costume - Slimer the Ghost Costume

So you want to be Slimer for Halloween, you loved watching the 80's Ghostbuster movies or even loved sucking down that green ecto-cooler crap from the juiceboxes,

Get a reality check, how the hell are you going to look like a floating, glowing piece of fluorescent ectoplasm, really!

But, you can be a totally awesome 80's throwback Ghostbuster!

Whether you want to be Venkman, Spengler or Stantz, GhostBuster Costumes are still hot!

They even make sexy Ghostbuster costumes for women..

BeetleJuice Ghost Costume

I don't know if you think of Michael Keaton or of the long running and twisted Kids cartoon series, when you imagine BeetleJuice. But the "Ghost with the Most" is one crude dude wit h a lot of tude and the clothes to match.

Beetlejuice is an awesome costume and also fits into the big 80's throwback trend that's going round.




"Don't mind her. She's still upset because somebody dropped a house on her sister"

Marleys Ghost Costume

Hogwarts Ghost Costume

Would you believe I couldn't find any Good options for Moaning Myrtle or Nearly Headless Nick Costumes.

For moaning myrtle , just buy a Hogwarts costume, big stupid glasses and then smack yourself in the head with flour or baby powder ... that should do it.

Ghost of Christmas Costume

The Christmas carol is a timeless classic. Personally, I enjoyed the Dickens book and my image of the 3 great ghosts are best imagined, but, certainly many variations of all the ghosts appear in film and animation. I have a soft spot for the characters as they appear in "Scrooged"

The 4 Ghosts of The Christmas Carol

  • Ghost of Christmas Past
  • Ghost of Christmas Present
  • Ghost of Christmas Future
  • Jacob Marley Ghost (Messenger)

Of the film adaptions, I always felt the chains of Jacob Marley were the coolest to reproduce in costume form.


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    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 

      8 years ago from London, UK

      They are fantastic. Aren't manufacturers busy to get our pennies?

    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 

      8 years ago from Sunny Florida

      I never would have guessed that there would be so many different ghost costumes. We used sheets when I was a child in a family of modest means. :}

    • Alison Graham profile image

      Alison Graham 

      8 years ago from UK

      There are so many fantastic ideas here that the tricky part would be choosing just one! You have found some brilliant costumes Sunforged, thank you.

    • msorensson profile image


      8 years ago

      Wow..great choices for everyone!!


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