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Gift Basket For Birthdays

Updated on October 22, 2012

Birthdays come once in a year and so the age milestones deserve to be celebrated. Giving Gift Baskets for Birthdays to the celebrant is a good way to show love to him or her. A member of the family, a friend or a colleague will appreciate a well thought out and unique birthday basket.

Gourmet baskets full of delicious and distinctive foodstuffs will definitely put a smile on the recipient's face.

Personalized Birthday Gift Baskets

Customization of Birthday Gift Baskets can make them appealing to the recipient. In this case, if the gift basket is to be filled with food, the gourmet taste buds of the recipient should be put into consideration. Here are some foods you can use to fill up the gift basket:

  • Delicious snacks
  • fresh fruits
  • cheesecakes
  • popcorn tins
  • selections of coffee

The special dietary needs of people such as diabetics have not been left out; they too can get gift baskets with sugar free foods. Those who need organic foods are also catered for.

Gift Baskets for Kids

Children like to be shown affection and the best time to bring this out is during their birthdays. Birthday Gift Baskets filled with:

  • sweets
  • candies
  • cookie bouquets
  • delicious cakes
  • chocolate

will suffice to remind the child how caring the giver is. Children would also be happy to receive personalized birthday gift baskets. Examples of personalized gifts for children include baskets of stuffed toys and delicious snacks.

Birthday Gift Basket Ideas

It takes a creative mind to come up with viable Birthday gift ideas. For example, some thought should be put into what gift basket is ideal for a special friend. The Best Birthday Gift should be something that creates lasting memories rather than just serving a one time function.

This can be achieved by putting together small gifts based on a particular theme. A perfect example is a basket containing a new CD that the recipient would enjoy watching, a large popcorn bowl, some microwave popcorn and caramel mix.

Another unique birthday basket that a special friend would enjoy would be one that is filled with spa or bath gifts for a relaxing bath. The ingredients of such a basket would be:

  • scented essential oils
  • comfortable slippers
  • shower gel
  • bath robe
  • small candles

This gift basket will deliver a strong message that the giver cares about the comfort and relaxation of the recipient.

50th Birthday Gift Ideas

Some Gift Baskets for Birthdays are meant for very significant milestones in ones age.

Living for half a century is no mean feat and the celebration should be made memorable by giving out gift baskets that resonate with the interests of the celebrant.

Some of the 50th birthday gift ideas include baskets of movies, books, music CDs. All these should preferably be from the recipient's favorite collection of his youth.

Gift baskets that will make a 50 year old nostalgic and happy:

  • favorite candy from recipients childhood
  • newspapers from the day he was born
  • customized shirts and t-shirts
  • bottles of champagne and engraved wineglasses

Giving loved ones Gift Baskets for Birthdays should be a pleasurable experience since the variety of gifts to choose from is wide.

If the person turning 50 years old, like golf or some other sport like that, consider giving a basket filled with personalized golf balls, golf towels, golf tees and more...

Dinner and a movie is a great Birthday gift basket

The same goes for someone who loves going to the movies or dinner, you could include in a birthday gift basket, some movie tickets or dinner gift card or both along with some treats.


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    • CZCZCZ profile image

      CZCZCZ 5 years ago from Oregon

      Fun gift basket ideas for a birthday. This makes giving a present easy, as long as the theme is right for the person, the basket can be a great gift.