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Creating Gift Baskets For Any Occasion

Updated on February 2, 2015

Hunting for a Gift

When it comes time to buying a gift for another person, no matter what the occasion, I always seem to get frustrated with the whole process. You would think it would be a time to enjoy the hunt for that perfect gift that was created just for that special someone. Sometimes I'm on a budget, I wait until the last minute, or I just seem to get caught up with things that I might like and end up keeping the purchases for myself. I know! It sounds a little selfish, but I'm sure we have all done that at some time in our lives. Sometimes, after I think I have found the right gift, I will convince myself that it is going to be a flop so I will just have to put it to good use for myself. One thing I seem to do is find something that might be a potential winner, then quickly imagine the receiver of my gift will give that odd little look. The one that says," Really! What am I supposed to do with this? What is this anyway?" Then, the gigantic time clock starts ticking in my head and yep! I walk out with nothing but a panic attack and a deadline.

My Ultimate Solution

Today, I have made the decision to become the predictable gift basket queen and seal it with a KISS (Keep it Simple Silly). You can't go wrong! There are two ways to do a gift basket. Either purchase one that is already made up, or create one using your imagination and adding a personal touch. If you choose a more personal approach, just put a system in place and apply it to the general process of your gift basket creation.

Gathering Up the Goodies

When creating a favorite color basket, you can find many bath products, candles, candies, coffee mugs, picture frames, and stationary to fill it up. By using a color theme you have the flexiblity of using a variety of fun product. It can be clever items that are packaged in your select color theme. Hobbie baskets are always fun because there are fun little gadgets that are unique, small enough to fit in a box or basket and inexpensive to stretch your budget. Want to make a fishing basket? Here are some handy little items: fishing line and tackle, fishing maps or guide books, fishing hat, sun screen, bugs repellant, coffee mug, snack goodies, compass. how a bout throwing in a picture frame and a disposable camera. For some reason, guys like to pose with their catch of the day. No matter what you create, mix it up with a variety of gadgets, good reads, and edible snacks.

Putting It All Together

I have broken it down into different categories to get the ideas rolling and make the process easier. * Have fun and enjoy the whole process! Happy memories!

Step One - Creating an Idea

  • Theme - Rest & Relaxation, Tea Time, Breakfast in Bed, Picnic in the Park, Family Night, Romantic Dinner
  • Favorite Color or Holiday Color - Pink, Lavander, Black & White, Green
  • Hobby / Interest - Fishing, Golfing, Traveling, Gardening, Pet Love
  • Occassion- Holiday, Retirement, Graduation, Birthday, Super Bowl Sunday, New Job

Step Two - Selecting Items

  • Determine a budget
  • Select a base or basket to hold items
  • Choose a clear wrap, bow or tie, and tag - think color, texture, theme
  • Find items of varied size, and uses - books, gadgets, edibles, wearables, and interactive items
  • Get shredded paper, grass, newspaper, or tissue for building

Step Three - Building Your Basket

  • When creating the presentation of your basket, make objects stable and visible
  • Place base on top of clear wrap sheets or clear bags to pull over your basket at final step in wrapping - this will be easier to handle at the end so you won't have move your basket while wrapping it
  • Place shredded paper, grass, crumpled newspaper, or tissue at bottom of the base to lift items at different heights
  • Place larger items at the back and sides of the base, put medium size items to the center, and work smaller item around them
  • Pull final wrap over your basket and tie off with a bow, string, wire
  • Tie on a creative tag with your favorite sentiment or quote, and signature

What Type of Gift Giver Are You?

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Do-it-For-Me Baskets

If you don't have time to create your own basket, or you just don't like the whole process of the project there are many "Ready Made" baskets you can purchase on line or in a local store. You may also have the option of picking out the items and have someone do it for you. Many small boutiques, deli's, or specialty shops may offer this service for you. I have chosen a variety of different baskets you can order here or get some ideas of how to put one together. Remember, as they say, "It's the thought that counts."


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    • StarryNightsDiva profile image

      Alissa 7 years ago from Rocky Hill, CT

      Great hub! I'm bookmarking. TFS!