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Gift Ideas For Cat Lovers: Ten Ideas for Less Than $20

Updated on September 5, 2012

Shopping for a present can be hard no matter what the occasion and it often results in people spending more than they can afford. This Hub will provide ten examples of gifts you can buy a kitty loving gift receiver for less than $20(without the tax any way). Unfortunately a lot of this list ended up being items that are specifically made for or targeted at women. I would have liked to come up with a more gender neutral list, after all there are cat-guys too.

1. Cat VS. Human by Yasmin Surovec

A collection of quirky cat cartoons by self proclaimed "Cat Lady" Yasmin Surovec. This charming book is sure to make any cat lover smile. It's so hilariously cute you might have to read it before you give it to the intended recipiant or better yet get yourself a copy too!

Available at various book retailers.

usually $ 10 or less depending where its purchased.

2. Cat-ula

With this cute kitty the recipient can flip pancakes, salmon and anything else with style. Looking down at this aborable flipper might just make cooking a little more fun. It's Purrfect for the cat lover who loves cooking too.

$14.99 at

3. Cat Pack Socks

Cute and practical these cat printed socks will keep feet warm and show everyone that the wearer is a feline fanatic.

$11.99 also at

4. R & M Cat Cookie Cutter-Kitten

With this cookie cutter a whole litter of cookie kittens, though they may just be too cute to eat. Not only a great gift but great for a cat themed kids birthday party. Currently $1.89 at

5. Cat Yin Yang Lover- Cartoon Decal

This cute decal can be applied to cellphones, computers and much more. Let the cat loving receiver of this cute set of kitties choose what they'll customize.


6. Flexa by CellXpressions Cat iPhone case

A great gift for an iPhone owning cat lover-too bad it only comes in pink a selection of colours would make this case appeal to a greater number of people. Still a cute idea just make sure the receiver doesn't mind pink.

$13.95 at

7. That Darn cat Duo 1965 and 1997 films

If you know someone that likes disney movies and loves cats why not give this two pack of movies a try. With both the original 1965 version and the 1997 version the receiver has the original classic and a more modern version, which is more likely to appeal to younger recipents. Having personally seen both, despite being only in my early twenties, the 1965 version is definitely my favourite of the two.

$10.00 at Walmart

8. Cat Handle Mirror

This cute little mirror was so popular that when I went back to the website later to get a picture for this hub it was out of stock. No worries though they're sure to get more online or if you have a local Forever21 store why not make a little trip. Be sure to go during slower times though as my personal experience is Forever21 can get quite busy and you can spend a lot of time in line just waiting to buy a single item.

$1.00 at Forever21

9. Cat Graphic Tee

This Grey and white striped graphic tee has a cute pink tabby on it- you won't see them in his colour in real life- at least I hope not! Great for a girl who likes cats and likes to shop at places like American Eagle. This cat T will look great even with just a simple pair of jeans or even with something a little dressier.

$19.77 at American Eagle

10. Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

A funny and gentle reminder for cat lovers and certainly more fun and definitely more realistic than Barbie. The clothes she wears and the way she looks enforce the fact that no matter what you wear or how you look your cats will still treat you the same. Comes with six cats.

$15.00 at Fred Flare

These are just a few suggestions with a little looking around you may find much more. There are certainly more cat themed items out there. I saw some really cute stuff when I was looking that didn't make the list because it was over $20 and I wanted to do this list with the realization that you don't have to spend hundreds or even a hundred dollars to buy a great present.


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