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Pajamas For Men Make A Warm & Cozy Gift

Updated on March 21, 2011

Pajamas For Men: Size is Key

When you have to shop for men, gift ideas can be hard to think of. How about some pajamas for men? A lot of men hate going shopping, especially when it comes to shopping for pajamas. Often times, when I have to buy a gift for a man's birthday or for christmas, I get him a great pair of flannel pajamas for men. I have found that they always appreciate getting warm pajamas for men as a gift, as they don't have to pick them out themselves!

If you do decide to get him some pj's you'll need to find out what size he wears. Pajamas for men are typically available in size from small, medium, large, x-large to xx-large. A small pair of pajamas for men usually fit a waist under 30 inches; medium fits about30 to 34 inches; large is about 34 to 38 inches; x-large around 38 to 40 inches and xx-large for guys with waist over 40 inches. The shirt part of a pajama set can be sized by checking one of his long sleeved dress shirts at home.

Make sizing easy by opting for mens pajama bottoms.
Make sizing easy by opting for mens pajama bottoms.

Pajamas For Men: Fabric Choices

Next you need to choose what type of pajamas for men you will get him. The time of year should be considered when picking out a material. Some nice and cozy mens flannel pajamas will keep him warm during the cold winter season, while a pair of sexy, silk pajamas for men are better for summer months to keep him cool and dry at night. Another popular option for mens pajamas are the fleece variety. They provide warmth during cool spring or fall nights.

As soon as your guy opens his present, have him try on the pajamas. Hopefully they fit; if they don't you'll need to return them for a different size.

Satin or silk mens pajamas feel great on the skin.
Satin or silk mens pajamas feel great on the skin.

Pajamas For Men: A Good Choice

While a lot of men do like wearing pajamas, there are many that sleep in just boxer shorts and some that wear absolutely nothing at all to bed. Almost every big box retail store or web store carries a variety of pajamas for men to choose from; from sexy silk to fuzzy footie pajamas. You can even get matching sets of womens pajamas!

If you would like to get him something a little more extravagant, opt for satin or silk. They may cost a little more, but the feeling of satin on the skin is well worth the additional money. If you're on a budget this holiday, as most of us are, stick with affordable cotton, fleece, or flannel. These pajamas for men are a little more practical than silk. Also keep in mind that if the guy you're purchasing for does his own laundry, then expensive silk pajamas may not last long!

Sexy Pajamas For Men by Alexander Del Rossa


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