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Twenty Great Gift Ideas for Anyone

Updated on October 1, 2014

Gift Ideas for Any Holiday!

What Should You Buy?

If your friends and family members aren't the type to compose a detailed list or simply don't know what they want, you may have to do some digging.

If you know their likes, hobbies or passions, this makes your holiday gift giving task that much easier. Of course, if they are the type to register at a major department store for every holiday, then it's a piece of cake...but I don't know anyone who goes to that extent over a regular birthday.

The important thing is not to get frustrated and have fun with it.

Here's a list that may help. Some gifts are pricier than others but look into the prices first before you offer to buy the item for your friend or loved one. Some may also be gender specific, but you'll get the idea!


Are they interested in taking photos? Do you know what kind of camera they have? If it is a DSLR, are they in the market for a new lens? (If so, make sure you know which one and if it is in the budget. Lenses are pricey, so you'll want to make sure it's the right one). How about a picture frame for that amazing picture they took on vacation and just recently printed? See my link on photography for some ideas. For cameras, the list of accessories is endless!

Get Some Gear for Their Camera!

Camera gear can be expensive. Check your budget before offering to buy!
Camera gear can be expensive. Check your budget before offering to buy!

Reading is Fun!

Do they enjoy getting lost in a juicy novel? If so, find out if they have a Kindle. If they already do have one, you can get them a gift certificate for a specific book they want OR just a get them a general gift certificate for an Amazon Kindle book.

If they don't have a Kindle, but want one, buy them the kind they want. Again, check your budget. There is a big difference in price between a Kindle and a Kindle book!

If they don't have any interest in a Kindle at all, find out which book(s) they are looking to add to their collection. Then go pick one up! Pay attention if they are interested in certain trade. Trade magazines are expensive in comparison to regular everyday magazines. Pick up one for them.


Do they have a favorite band? Is there a specific CD they want? (Did I just date myself with the term CD)? Or, can you get them an iTunes gift card (there, that's better-more hip)! How about picking up a DVD of their band in concert? You might even be able to get them tickets to a concert if they are in town.

Here Is One of My Books-A Portion of Proceeds Donated to Animal Rescue!

Many People LOVE Music!

Take Me Out to the Ball Game...!


Speaking of DVD's, many people have Netflix or something similar to watch any movie they want within sixty seconds. So movies might be a tough one, however, some enjoy a few classic movies that they'd like to add to their collection. If this is the case, pick a few up for them. Same idea with their favorite television shows.


Do they like baseball, bowling or any kind of sport? If they enjoy playing, why not pick up some needed equipment? If they enjoy watching, how about tickets to a game?

Do They Love Cosmetics? Body Lotions?

Go to the local Beauty Supply Store and pick them up a gift card. Or if you actually know what cosmetics they need? They might need a new bottle of moisturizer or a new hair brush or a new perfume. Think of everyday necessities.

Buy Tickets to a Game

They Might Need Some Equipment!
They Might Need Some Equipment!

Diamonds. A Girl's Best Friend?


This is a tricky one. It's a common myth that every girl absolutely loves jewelry. This is simply not true. Some girls can take it or leave it. Just make sure the person you are buying for loves jewelry and if so...then you're in luck. The truth is many girls do LOVE it. Just check first! On that same note, some men love jewelry as well, from bracelets to watches and rings to necklaces. If the man you are buying for wears it, this idea might be for you!

Jewelry Findings? Knitting anyone?

Does this person actually make jewelry? If so, this hobby can get expensive. Check if there is a certain bead they've been holding out on until they saved some money or if they need a new batch of findings. This can be a big help for them. Are they pros with a needle and yarn? Pick some up for them!


Some People Enjoy Paper Sets!


Computers and gadgets their thing? You can purchase anything from a thumb drive, to an external hard drive, to a computer. They might also need software or new bling for their new smart phone. Look around to see what they are lacking.

My advice for any expensive gifts is to first maybe eliminate the element of surprise and ask what they need. Computers can be very expensive. If you're spending that kind of cash, you want to make sure you purchase the right one!

Stationery/Greeting Cards/ Stamps/ Pens

Some people still love to write with actual pens instead of a computer. Speaking from experience, some even have an obsession with certain pens! (Yes, me)! Put together a gift set of decorated paper, greeting cards, a book of stamps and a new pack of their favorite pens.

Gift Cards?

Gift cards are a great idea for some. Not only can you purchase one from their favorite department store, but how about for the grocery store as well. This is a practical gift, but practical is often a good thing!


Does your friend or loved one wear a different outfit every day...or wish that they could? Do they love purses or shoes? If you know their size, add a little pizzazz to their wardrobe. Buy them those new shoes they've been eyeing up the past few months.

Find out which piece they are missing from their collection. Hard to find? Check out eBay,, or You can often find great deals on the Internet.


Add to their collection!
Add to their collection!

The Sky is the Limit!

Feel Like Traveling?

Again, this is a pricey one, but if it's a special milestone birthday or you simply have extra money this year, why not book that awesome trip?


Does this person have a green thumb? Visit your local nursery and pick up a plant or two. The range for this expense can vary. Plants can be relatively inexpensive or they can break the bank, depending on the type and size.

Fitness Fanatic?

When you see your friend or loved one, are they often talking to you while running their seventh mile on the treadmill? Why not get them the newest Pilates DVD or a subscription to the gym. They might need new five-pound weights or other workout gear. Do they enjoy hiking? How about a new pair of hiking boots or a knapsack to hold their gear?


If they enjoy a drink now and then, order some wine to their door. You can get Wine of the Month or a large wine basket delivered...complete with cheese!

Health Nut?

Get them a delivery of fruit of the month. You don't need to get a delivery every month. You can choose the duration for the deliveries.

Lazy Susan?
How about a pajama gram? There are many websites that will deliver a pair of pajamas neatly wrapped to your friend's door!


How about those curtains they keep talking about or the new set of dishes they've been seeking.

These are just a few ideas to get you started in your quest for the perfect gift. I'd say to err on the side of caution with the more expensive gifts and confirm that you are buying the correct item. Some of these pricier gifts are non-refundable. Don't give yourself heartache just because you wanted to have the element of surprise. You can always surprise them with a nice dinner, but have the correct gift opened with a smile!

If they need tools, batteries, things around the house that need fixing, those are always great gifts as well. If their car needs an oil change or tires, offer to pay for that. Gifts don't always have to be expensive or elegant. Sometimes practical is exactly what that person is hoping for. Good luck!!


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    • epbooks profile image

      Elizabeth Parker 4 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      I agree about the Kindle and now there are so many different models ranging from $69 and above. I love that there are apps for kindles as well, so these days, if you already have an iPad, you can just download the app for free!

    • epbooks profile image

      Elizabeth Parker 4 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      Thanks so much! The pajama gram was so cute. About ten years ago, I was in the hospital and just got home and my friend sent me the pajama gram inclusive of PJ's and a robe. So adorable!!

    • vespawoolf profile image

      vespawoolf 4 years ago from Peru, South America

      These are great ideas to spark creativity in gift giving. I've never heard of a pajama gram! I'll definitely need to consult this next time I'm trying to find the perfect gift for a friend. : ) Thanks!

    • epbooks profile image

      Elizabeth Parker 4 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      I agree- gifts definitely don't have to be expensive. Same goes with greeting cards. To be truthful, I'm much happier when I receive a handmade card than a store-bought. It's more personalized and those are the ones I usually keep!

    • Ceres Schwarz profile image

      Ceres Schwarz 4 years ago

      These are all wonderful gift ideas for anyone for any holiday or occasion. It is much easier to think of what gifts you can give someone if you know their likes and hobbies so if they like reading, you can just get them a book. And if you know what kinds of books they like then you'll know which kind to pick. And you're right that gifts don't have to be expensive. Even gifts that don't cost much can still be special and meaningful as long as it came from the heart.