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Gift Ideas for Jeep Owners

Updated on March 31, 2015

Gift Ideas for Jeep Owners

Are you looking for the perfect gifts for Jeep owners? Are you tired of looking for every piece of metal and shirts and accessories that you think would please a Jeep owner? Then, you have come to the right place. Here we present to you some blockbuster gift items and ideas for Jeep owners.

Gifts should not necessarily be expensive in order to make the recipient happy or contented with the gift. They say, it is the thought that counts. However, gifts should be useful and will somehow give the recipient a feeling that you know him and that you know how he is and what his wants are. So, for gift items that are affordable dedicated to please Jeep owners, here are some of the things you can give.

Jeep Lovers!



Jeeps have been one of the easiest cars to break through. It is not safe to leave your valuable in a very vulnerable open Jeep. Take this as an opportunity for a gift to give the Jeep owner. The InstaTrunk gift item is a very good place to start your gift hunting activities. This clever device fits into the cargo area of the Jeep near the rear seat. When put in the rear area of the Jeep, the InstaTrunk fits perfectly and hides wisely from scanning eyes. Moreover, it is made out of heavy duty steel which forms a seal that is weather-resistant so your valuables are well protected even from rain, or the harmful effects of the weather. Furthermore, the heavy steel construction of the InstaTrunk provides 2.7 cubic feet of safe and secure storage space. Get this gift item now for only $99.00 USD.

Where’s YOUR Playground Tire Cover

Give this tire cover as a gift item and see his reaction to the cute and personalized designs of the covers. This tire cover has several designs dedicated to cover a Jeep tire that would match and suit the personality of any Jeep owner. Spin heads and make other drivers wonder “Where’s my playground?” for only $40.00 USD.

Gifts for Jeep Owners!


JP Cooler

JP Cooler is a jeep cooler device that is so cool to be a gift item. This 56 quart cooler can fit into the rear or back of any sit and can store ice drinks, foods, and even valuable. It has heavy duty Jeep zippers and zipper pulls and has elastic cords attached on top for you to hang your jackets or coats. Give this nice gift to any Jeep owner now at the price of $64.00 USD.

Bestop Bikini Top

Especially useful in humid and tropical areas, this Jeep top cover could be the gift you are looking for. It is nice to get the covers off of your Jeeps so that you will have some free and fresh air continuously freshening you up and preventing your from having a heat stroke; but, what is there is so much heat or what if rain suddenly falls down? Would it not be nice if you have an ultraportable Jeep top cover that you can just store into a small compartment of your Jeep ready to protect you? The Bestop brand has been said to be the most preferred brand by Jeep owners owing to its many features. For one, it is quick to attach. For two, its size is small enough to fit a small compartment of your Jeep without being a hassle. You can choose from many top cover options: full top covering, driver side cover, passenger side cover, or just cover half the top of the Jeep. The Bestop Bikini Top prices start at only $57.00 USD.

Jeep Powerstation

For Jeep owners who are most of the time on the road travelling to places or commuting between his office and his house, a portable powerstation is extremely needed. Give him one of these nifty devices and see the smile lighten up his features. This is because the Jeep Powerstation will provide portable power for almost anything and everything he has with him in his Jeep. It packs built-in jumper cables, alternative power supple adapters, emergency flashers, a spotlight that is removable, a 9 inch double fluorescent tube lantern to lighten up your Jeep area when you are in a dark place, several extension cords, and a battery power indicator to tell you if the battery if running low on energy supply. If you thought that this will cause several hundred bucks, you are wrong. The powerstation is available on the market starting only at $80.00 USD.



Garmin Major Trail Guide

Jeeps are often times used for adventures travels. If the Jeep owner that you would like to give a gift to likes to adventure travels or even just travelling from place to place, this gift tem is perfectly suited for his needs. Featuring street level maps of the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada, the Garmin Major Trail Guide will make sure that you will reach your destination without unwanted stress due to being lost. Included in the Major trail Guide is a list of over 6 million locations of gas stations, hotels, restaurants, wonderful attractions, and car services and dealers. With the amount of information this guide contains, it would be easy to say that you would not get lost anywhere you go. Moreover, tech savvy Jeep owners would love its voice guided navigation aid and its waterproof internal lithium-ion battery. The battery will provide the guide of 20 hours of continuous juice to help you in your travels. This amazing GPS gadget should be mounted to a Jeep’s dashboard and it comes with a cradle and powerful speakers. You can also transform the gadget into a handheld GPS device by simply dislodging it from its cradle. However, what would be the price you expect from a device offering such fancy features? You can get this able and feature packed Jeep accessory for a staggering cost of $800.00 USD. So, if the Jeep owner really means a lot to you and you have the capacity to shell out the amount of money requires, go ahead and make him happy with this.

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