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Gift Ideas for Kindle Users

Updated on July 21, 2014

Gift Ideas for Kindle Users

Kindle is a popular electronic book (E-book) reading device. With the simple E-ink display technology, the Kindle is able to achieve that book-like style while making reading easier for people on the go. Kindle is a worldwide phenomenon among book lovers, corporate individuals, and just people who are technology crazies.

If you happen to know a 'Kindler" (someone who uses a Kindle) and you want to buy that someone a gift, you might be thinking of buying him a book. That is one option, but it's not the only one! You might consider some different ingenious gift ideas that make the Amazon Kindle even more of a pleasure to have and use.


Kindle DX Wireless Reading Device

If the kindler is still using an older version of Kindle, you can try and buy a newer version of his beloved reading device. For example, you can buy the Kindle DX Wireless for only $290.00 USD. This version of the kindle boasts of a 9.7 inches of e-ink display consisting of 16 shades of gray for clearer and sharper images and texts.

The traditional QWERTY keypad can also be found under the gigantic screen. With a 4 Gb of storage capacity, you can store up to 3,500 books, periodical, documents, and Portable Document Format (pdf) files. Read all of them without worrying of an empty battery for the Kindle can run 2 weeks on a single charge. Plus, it is a slim device with 3G wireless enabled so you can download e-books on the Kindle Store anytime, anywhere. Surely the kindler that you are going to give this precious and nifty device to would be very happy.

Kindle Lighted Leather Cover

With his old Kindle device, you can buy him a stylish yet functional leather cover to hide all the scratches and paint peels that may have accumulated through constant usage. Not only will this Kindle Leather Cover provide him an extra style to his reading device, this will also double as an illuminator. This ingenious piece of cover holds a retractable built-in LED (Light Emitting Diodes) light. When you need light – during times when you are reading from a dark place, the light can be pulled out from the back cover. What is more is that there is no external power source needed to turn the light on, just plug it to Kindle and it will use the battery power of Kindle to power its own system of lights. Get this creative Kindle accessory for only $59.99 USD.

M-Edge e-Luminator2 Booklight

Kindlers owning a Kindle 2 device and already has a cover for them would probably not need another cover. But, if their old Kindle covers cannot provide light when reading in dark environments, then this is a chance for you to give him a gift. Buy the M-Edge e-Luminator2 Booklight for Kindle covers for only $19.99 USD. Intended for Kindle 2 covers, the M-Edge works like magic. With its ability to pivot up, it allows kindlers the right light position for a better light intensity for a nice reading experience. The booklight is powered by only 1 AAA battery that will be able to provide 20 hours of continuous non-dimming light. Moreover, its bulb, called the Super Bright LED light bulb does not need replacing and will provide even light throughout the Kindle e-ink screen.

Amazon Kindle Replacement Power Adapter

Intended for use with the latest generation of Kindle and the Kindle DX, this power adapter will suffice the loss or damaged power adapter that the kindler has. It ships for only $19.99 USD, it comes of a detachable micro USB port and a wall outlet connector or plug. The detachable USB port is supposed to be used when you are not going to use the socket in your office or house but instead use the electricity of a laptop or a personal computer. Simply plug the USB port to a computer port or the wall outlet connector then to the wall outlet for you to charge that versatile reading device. Of course, if you decided to give him a new version of Kindle as a gift or the Kindle DX 9.7 inches screen as a gift, then this Amazon Kindle Replacement Power Adapter might be a good item to add. This will serve as a spare adapter for him. So, say he lost the original one included in the box; he still has one more power adapter to use. See? Would that not be a better gift combo?

Amazon Kindle Chargers

Though he might have one charger already for a Kindle, one more charger would not hurt, right? This can be used as a spare charger or a replacement charger for a lost one. Moreover, he can use the two chargers systematically. If he has two chargers (including this new one), he can have a charger at home and he can also have a charger in the office. In this way, he would not need to carry with him another charger when the Kindle’s battery is running low and he has to go to the office.

Amazon Gift Card

A gift card may sound so simple compared to the other gift ideas presented but it also is one of the best gifts you can give a Kindler. A gift card from Amazon means that he can purchase and download any book that he would like to read or is needed for further educational growth. However, there is a different price range for each gift card item.

Kindler gifts may range from Kindle accessories, gift cards, to actually a brand new Kindle device. You can have your pick at all of them, however, try to take into consideration the amount of money you allocate for the certain gift item.

The Amazon Kindle


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