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Gift Ideas for Mother's Day or Mom's Birthday

Updated on April 12, 2019

This page contains amazing ideas for mother's day gifts, or gifts for mom's birthday or other special occasion. Even if there is no upcoming holiday or special occasion and you're just looking for something to make your mom feel special, you are guaranteed to find some great ideas if you read below.

Simple Useful Items

Some people don't think that certain items are special enough to be given as gifts but everyone loves to receive things that they can actually use.

This idea varies depending on your own mother's likes or dislikes.Check out the list below for some inspiration.

Ideas for Simple and Useful Items:

  • A coffee or tea mug just for mom (it can have a picture of her hobby or favorite thing, or a sweet phrase or saying about mothers)
  • Books by authors she enjoys reading (or a Kindle stocked full of books)
  • A bottle of wine or her favorite beverage
  • A box of her favorite treats
  • Comfort items such as massage machines or tools (there are so many of these available now), slippers or sleep wear, fancy bath products, comfy pillows and blankets
  • If you think that you're gift is too plain or too simple, just add to to something else. You can give it in addition to gifting something else, or you can attach a sweet, personal message to the item to make it special.
  • Word art with a sweet saying or phrase. Even an ornament or other decorative item that says "Moms are the best" would be loved and appreciated


Custom Gifts

Nowadays you can customize just about anything. From candy and other treats, to clothing, to ornaments and decorative items, calendars, wall art, and the list goes on and on.

Sometimes a custom product will cost a lot more than an original item that isn't custom, but it's usually quite worth the price to add that extra special touch to mom's gift.

If you're looking for something specific, or you know the things your mom really likes or is passionate about, you can try a Google search for "custom _____" and see if there is somewhere you can put your on personal touch on an item.

Mom's can be the most important person in our lives and they need to feel loved and appreciated. There aren't many things more special than a custom present made by you, just for your mom.

Some Ideas for Custom Gifts:

  • Cookware & Baking Tools like Aprons and Cutting Boards
  • Ornaments, magnets, and decorative pictures or art
  • Pillows, blankets, towels, and functional household items
  • Pens, notebooks, or personal stationary
  • Mugs and Cups
  • Candy, cookies, and other treats

Personalized Mug
Personalized Mug | Source

Getaways or Day Trips

Your mother appreciates any time that she can spend with her children. If her kids are young she treasures making special memories that last a lifetime. If her kids are older or grown, she'll enjoy any time that you an offer her.

Make the time extra special by taking her somewhere nice. It could be a little day trip to see something interesting like a zoo, aquarium, sporting event, or even a picnic in the park. If you can afford a fancier trip or getaway the options are nearly limitless. Find a nice place away from home, a few hours away or a plane trip away.

Experiencing a new location or having an adventure with mom will be something she absolutely enjoys. It will be something you can remember forever too. Be sure to take a lot of photos and try to new some new things you've never tried.

Day Trip Ideas:

  • Picnics
  • Movies or Shows
  • A trip to the beach or nice park
  • A museum, zoo, aquarium, or similar
  • A sports game
  • A hike through the woods

Other Getaway ideas:

  • A vacation in another country
  • A cruise from your closest port
  • A long drive to an interesting hotel for a couple of days

Photo Albums or Pictures

Mothers love to look at pictures of their children and special moments that they shared. A photo album containing pictures of memorable occasions and events, or simply just the kids throughout the years if a wonderfully thoughtful gift that might take some time to create but shouldn't cost much.

Ideas for Photo Albums and Picture Memories:

  • A favorite photo or drawing could be framed.
  • Pictures and photo collections are a gift your mom can treasure and enjoy for years.
  • Make a collage of your siblings or family throughout the years

Unique Gifts

There is nothing wrong with typical mother's day gift, flowers, or cards. However, sometimes it's fun to think outside of the box and get her something a little more unique. Check out the list below for some unique gift ideas that will make your mom happy and feel appreciated on her special day.

Unique Gift Ideas:

  • A signed photo of her favorite celebrity or athlete
  • Something that came from her country of origin such as sand from a beach, seeds of flowers that are native to her home country (or even a planted flower that you grew)
  • A favorite photo of mom's printed on a piece of home decor that she can display and look at daily.
  • An image of the night sky on the day your mother was born. You can have a beautiful image of this printed and even framed by visiting this website:
  • A stock investment or other investment that she would personally own and get excited about checking the value from time to time. This could include a stock or property or land.
  • Her name engraved in a public place - there are several options for this but some include having your mother's name engraved into a park bench (with a cute or sweet phrase attached, a special date such as her birthday, or a simple message saying how her children love her), adopting a highway with her name printed on the plaque,
  • Donating money, services, or items in her honor. If your mother is charitable this gift would mean quite a lot to her. Donate money to her favorite charity or organization, or "adopt" a child from another country just for your mom.
  • Name a star or plant a tree in your mother's honor

Massage or Spa Day

There isn't anyone in this world that wouldn't feel better after a nice massage or spa treatment. Maybe your mom doesn't like massages ... well there is always manicures and pedicures, along with a huge variety of other services and treatments she can indulge in.

A Personal Story or Poem

Not all of us are as creative as we'd like to be but mom's are usually looking for perfection. If you're an amazing writer, then all the better for you! If not, mother's appreciate the effort and though regardless, even if you don't believe them when they tell you that.

Try writing a short poem about your childhood, life, or the meaning of your mom to you. You can also try writing a simple list of things you might be grateful for. It'll be sure to bring a smile to your mom's face, if not a face full of happy tears.

When Do You Spoil Mom the Most?

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