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Gift Ideas for Newborn Baby Girl

Updated on November 15, 2015

Newborn Baby Girl

A newborn baby girl 1 day old in her crib in the hospital
A newborn baby girl 1 day old in her crib in the hospital | Source

Newborn Needs to Consider when Gift Buying

When a new born baby girl arrives, it's an ecstatic moment and we naturally want to give a beautiful 'welcome to the world' gift to her.

Before rushing out to buy the first gift that you think she will like (because you love her and the gift so much), this article has some practical suggestions about what a newborn baby and her family needs.

I seem to be surrounded with newborn baby girls at the moment and so here is what I can pass on from what I've learned through waiting for them to be born, visiting them at the hospital and baby sitting the little one who is at home - waiting for her sister to arrive:

  • Tips about what to take into consideration, before you give a gift to a newborn baby girl.
  • How to get the gift 'just right' - (make sure you get the the correct size) and how best give it to Mom and baby girl.
  • Good useful ideas for gifts for a newborn baby girl.

What a Newborn Baby Needs

The birth for Mom may have been a difficult birth, a Caesarean section, or it could have gone as easy as pie. Whichever type of birth Mom had, she is going to be very tired and also very busy taking care of her newborn baby girl who needs breast feeding, washing and has oh-so-many-more needs.

It's important to consider what's going on at the hospital where this infant has just been born, (or is due to be born soon) so that the gift is appropriate and helpful, as well as being the loveliest of gifts. Here are some things to think about:

  • Space in the ward, or room is cramped - compared to their home.
  • What are the hospital or clinic regulations regarding flowers, gifts, foods being brought in?
  • The life of her family (possibly other children) and husband is in upheaval whilst Mom and their new baby girl spend their first few days together at the hospital - and asking them to do 'one more thing', such as take care of the gifts, could be asking too much of them. Helping them on the other hand makes a great gift.

Having a baby is a family event, so it's friendly and loving to consider everyone's needs.

Once you've considered everything, (and everyone and everywhere!) you will have a much better idea for a gift for a newborn baby girl - a gift that will be just right for her. That giant pink bunny rabbit might just have to wait until she is two.

How to Give a Newborn Baby Girl Clothes

Wash the baby clothes with a special infant washing product before giving the gift so the newborn baby girl can wear it in hospital straight away.
Wash the baby clothes with a special infant washing product before giving the gift so the newborn baby girl can wear it in hospital straight away. | Source

Useful Gifts Ideas for a Newborn Baby

If you want to give a newborn baby girl an item of clothing to wear, then wait until the last minute to find out how big, or small she is before you purchase your gift because sizing for a newborn varies from 0 months, to 0-1 months, to 0-3 months.

If you don't want to disturb the immediate family to find out the baby's size, then contact a grandparent, or someone you know who has close contact with the newborn - and you'll get the perfect fit!

After buying your special gift of clothing (or a useful organic cotton receiving blanket), it's a really good idea to hand wash it in a soft baby-washing product, dry and iron and re-package before taking it to the hospital so that the clothing can be worn or used straight away and is immediately useful. If you think the packaging doesn't look right, then invest in a small pretty basket or box and package it up freshly. Containers of that sort are always useful. Ribbons are cute.

Newborn baby garments are best bought in pharmacies, or stores which can give you advice on where the cotton comes from, (is it organic), soft, doesn't have a hard label on the neck (at the back)?

Can Flowers Stay in a Hospital Ward?

Flowers can't stay in the room!
Flowers can't stay in the room! | Source

Flowers for Baby

Flowers make such a beautiful gift for any female because they are so pretty and so fresh, so about 'precious life' and petals and blooming - but flower bouquets and gorgeous flower arrangements aren't a good idea to have delivered to the hospital or the clinic! (They take too much oxygen out of the air in the room). These lovely blooms (beautiful wishes) will spend their prettiest moments outside the ward door.

The best thing to do is to have flowers delivered to the newborn baby's home a day before she is due to arrive there, if you can arrange this with the florist, (so as not to disturb Mom and a sleeping infant) and perhaps send a personalized card to the hospital.

Organic Stuffed Animal for a Newborn Baby Girl

Though stuffed animals and cuddly toys make for the happiest gift for a baby girl, (I know because I just bought one for my baby grand daughter because I couldn't resist it), it's best to chose one that is not too big; one that fits in the corner of her crib - one that is so, so soft for her to touch, eventually.

Most hospitals and clinics don't allow stuffed animal toys near a newborn baby because they take up too much space in their cribs or cots.

If there are other small children at home, a stuffed animal for them is an excellent PR move and tells them that ALL 'you' children are just as special as 'your little sister is' - and always will be to you.

Insecurity is running rife back at the home-base and it's a smart move to address it and do something about it with a lot of love and a cuddly gift!.

Gifts for First Baby

Really and truly, the best gift ideas for your newborn baby girl are the ideas which help new Moms and Dads get all that they need for her. Offering to go shopping with them, or writing out a check towards a cot or a stroller, or baby bath, or whatever they don't have yet will go down well, for sure!

A gift voucher to a store they trust will get over any embarrassment there! And gift vouchers can be personalized to look cute. An Amazon gift voucher has a selection.

A fellow writer, who's written a very helpful hub on practical and useful gifts for first time Moms, is linked here to the right and is a great resource worth clicking on.

Because new parents have to spend so much money on buying, (or finding) so many items for their newborn baby girl that a gift, no matter how small, or big, if well thought out, will be appreciated - even if you give the newborn baby girl a few of the clothes that your baby used to wear when she was a newborn. Especially if you give her some of your used clothes! In fact all those tiny vests and jackets and hats would come nicely packaged with ribbons and bows - or even some home made apple pie, soup or roast chicken.

And for Mom while she is still in hospital? She'd like some pureed pear or apple in a nice container with a spoon and a lid because, I don't know why, but hospitals just aren't offering that sort of healthy food regularly yet. Mom needs to take care of herself as well as she can because this is what makes the world go round.

It is the thoughtful gift that is the important gift, that hits the spot, and there's no price on that gift idea at all!

© 2012 Penelope Hart


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