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13 Amazing christmas and birthday gifts for people who have everything

Updated on October 18, 2013
What would make the perfect gift?
What would make the perfect gift?

Is it getting harder to impress people with gifts?

Are you lacking christmas present ideas, birthday present ideas, gifts for boyfriends or gifts for her, when the person you are offering it to already has everything, or is weird with very refined taste?

Don't panic Folks! Here’s a list of 13 original and creative gift ideas for men and women, which are sure to cause an impression.

Gifts for those who have everything

Philips LivingColors Ambiance Light

This LED Technology Ambiance Light will definitely impress anyone. It combines the best of light and mood therapy with chroma-therapy, and will look absolutely gorgeous almost anywhere! The intuitive control allows you to choose between 16 Million colors to suit any individual style, mood or occasion.
Very easy to use, very low in consumption, doesn't heat, emits pure colors, is dimmable and comes with a remote control.

Action Books and Moleskine Note Books

For the more creative, methodical or executive type of person, an Action Book or a Moleskine Note Book is an excellent choice.

It allows you to organize your day, week, project, year or whatever it is you have to organize in a step by step manner. Any lover of GTD (Getting things done) will absolutely love to have any of these note books.

Tablets - Android and iPad

I mean, who wouldn’t want to receive a tablet as a gift? Tablets come in many different sizes and shapes, and are used for many different things - but one thing that they all have in common is that they’re fun to use, and are very practical. There are 2 main operating systems: Android (which is Google’s OS), and iOS (which is Apple’s OS).

Choosing the size is a question of what use the tablet’s going to be given. If it’s for work and movies, 9inch and over are an excellent choice. If it’s just for gaming and regular leisure use, then a 7inch should do the trick.

The operating system and brand I guess, is a question of personal choice, though if you’d like something to last long, then I recommend Apple, Sony and Motorola.

This is a really impressive gift, believe me!

Tablets are great gifts for people who already have everything
Tablets are great gifts for people who already have everything

Personal Development Guides and Books

Everyone needs a little financial and motivational help right? So why not offer them a chance to change their lives? You can always find very useful transformational guides at amazon: Books such as "The Secret", "The Power", "Happy for No Reason" and "The Power of Now" are some of the books that I've read, and which I guarantee can truly transform one's life as they contain the right words for those occasions where one feels stuck in life.

If you really love the person you are offering gifts to, positive change is definitely a wonderful gift to offer, and at a very low price too!

Nespresso Coffee Machine

Every time I look at my Nespresso, I always think of sophistication… and George Clooney, even though I’m half his age. I just think the whole espresso ritual is so cool and tasty that it’s something I can’t live without. I also get to impress my friends a lot with this machine, so from a personal point of view, an espresso coffee machine is the perfect gift for those people who have everything!
I personally recommend Nespresso and their capsules because you’ll get high quality products and can find them anywhere in the world.

Bonsai Trees

This one may seem suspicious at first, but it is a dwarfed ornamental aesthetically perfect tree that makes a really great gift for those who have everything because it is one that deserves a lot of attention all-year-round. Literally.

So the lucky fish that receives one of these will remember you every time they have to take care of this little tree. Lucky you!

Vibe-tribe Portable Music Player (Thor)

The first time I came across one of these, I was highly sceptical about it’s quality and ability to surprise me, until the store sales man demonstrated it’s true power.

This little thing is a crazy little gadget that’s sure to cause a blasting impression! It’s a vibrating speaker which can take an SD card to play music directly from it, or from your Cellphone via Bluetooth. It literally vibrates any surface it’s on, transforming the whole surface into one giant speaker. It’s the center of any party, and great for the outdoors or for using in the kitchen whilst cooking.

Wine Sets

If the person you’re trying to gift loves wine, why not surprise him or her with a great wine set? These sets come in all shapes and sizes, and matching pockets too. The Wine rituals are sophisticated and half the fun of drinking wine anyway. There're always some great details that must be taken care of before serving the perfect wine, and the sets generally come with it all. When you start using one yourself, you’ll even notice that the wine tastes better.

Photo Frame Clocks

Photo Frame Clocks are really fun and creative gifts to offer. No one minds looking at time passing by when they have one of these. They come in different sizes and shapes, and for many different pockets too.

Now all you have to do is be original and find the perfect pictures to offer with the clock.

Be creative, and your present will surely be impressive.

Gift ideas for men who have everything

The Perfect Shave

The perfect shave is always a really great gift for guys who have everything else. Men aren’t really crazy about morning rituals, but when it comes to shaving, they don’t really have a choice but to calm down and take their time.

Using high quality products is therefore a must because shaving is actually pretty aggressive on a man’s face. There are many which you can offer, from beard trimmers and shaving machines, to shaving oils and facial scrubs, so there really is no excuse to get something that he’ll actually put to use daily.

Anthony Logistics is an excellent shaving product line
Anthony Logistics is an excellent shaving product line

Magazine Subscriptions

This is a really rare recommendation, but a truly original one too! Offering a man a magazine subscription for Maxim or Men’s Health or Technology / Gaming related, is like making all his dreams “almost” come true.

Let’s face it, everyone loves flipping through magazines. They’re informative, helping, inspiring, are filled with entertainment and actually enhance reading skills. I think of this as one of the best gifts for men, because I personally would love to have someone offer me a magazine subscription.

Gifts for women who have everything


Whether it’s for a special occasion, to express a special feeling or just for the fun of it, offering jewelry is always a guaranteed excellent choice of a gift for women who have everything. There are so many options on the market, and for so many different budgets, that there really is no excuse for offering jewelry as a gift.

Depending on her personality, you can offer more elaborate pieces such as necklaces with diamonds and broaches, or simpler and more sophisticated pieces such as DKNY bracelets, Pandora beads or something lovely from Tiffany and Co.

Want to see a face light up? Offer jewelry.

Tiffany and Co is one of the best jewelry brands on the market. The product ideas are worth much more than the product itself
Tiffany and Co is one of the best jewelry brands on the market. The product ideas are worth much more than the product itself

iPhone / Cellphone Cases

Offering an iPhone case isn’t a cheesy thing at all, although I’d say it’s the riskiest thing to offer simply because you have to know her personality very well.

There are so many cases on the market, with comic characters for the more lively giggly type of gal, or gold plated cases for the extreme cosmopolitan type of girl, available in rubber, plastic and metal.

The easiest way to pick the right one would be to simply think of her whilst browsing through a cell phone case catalog. The first one that catches your attention and causes a “it’s all her” reaction, is the one you should buy.

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