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Gift Ideas for Seven Year Old Girls

Updated on July 29, 2014

Gift Ideas for Seven Year Old Girls

Turning seven is a pretty special birthday. As a father, I try and pick out a gift my daughter will love. Whether it's a Christmas gift or a birthday present, what to buy them takes a bit of research.

My initial research shows that the most popular gifts for a seven year old are:

  • A new bicycle
  • Ears pierced and earrings

Here is a researched list of what to get for a seven year old girl.

A new bike for a seven year old girl.
A new bike for a seven year old girl.

A New Bicycle is the Most Popular Gift Idea

A new bike. Seven is about the age where they will outgrow the bike they learned to ride on if they learned about 5 years old. If they are an averaged sized kid, get them a 20 inch bicycle. At seven, they are also skilled enough to use gears. Bikes with gears are more expensive than without, but if you live on a hill or want to go for long family rides, your seven year old will enjoy it.

Our research shows that a bicycle was the most popular gift suggestion for a seven year old girn in a poll collecting over 1,000 votes.

Ears Pierced and Earrings

Take them to get their ears pierced. Everyone has different ideas on the appropriate age to let a child pierce their ears. I'm of the opinion that if my seven year old really wants her ears pierced, then it's fine. The key is that it has to be the seven year old girls idea. Then, you can get her a pair of earrings as a gift.

In our poll, pierced ears and earrings was the 2nd most popular gift idea for what to buy a seven year old for a gift.

Roald Dahl Books

Books. Seven year olds are getting pretty close to reading chapter books. Get them a series of books written by Roald Dahl. They are funny and age appropriate, although, a poor reader will find them a little challenging. If that's the case, you can read them the books.Clothes. Seven year olds grow quickly. Clothes are a practical gift that she's likely to enjoy.

In our research, Roald Dahl Books tied for second place in the gift ideas poll.

A great educational gift idea - books by Roald Dahl

Magic Tricks

Magic Tricks. I was a bit surprised, but our daughter asked for magic tricks. She wanted a floating fairy trick. The trick makes it look like that you can control a fairy as it flies around. She also really liked a book on card tricks with a deck of cards. The book was especially interesting to her after we did a couple of tricks with her.

Itouch and Itunes Gift Card

New to the list this year we've added an Itouch and Itunes gift card. The Itouch supports games, email, texting, video, camera and more. The debate in our family is if seven is too young to take care of the device. We've added it to this years poll to see where people rank it on our list of gift ideas.

Diary with Lock and Key

Writing is a great thing to encourage a seven year old to do every day and a cute diary with a lock and key may be just the item that inspires them to write. Seven year old girls also really like the lock and key to keep their thoughts private.

New Outfit

Never can go wrong with a new outfit. This suggestion often ranks highly on the list. Picking out an outfit they love takes a bit of work, but if you know the child well, matching a young girls style is pretty easy and they will love it. You may even take them shopping with you to pick out their new clothes.

A Kids Jewelry Box for Her Teeth

Making the list this year is an unusual request, but it sort of makes sense. Our seven year old asked us to buy her a jewelery box to hold her earrings and necklaces, but to also hold the teeth she loses.

Seven is a classic age where many little girls will be missing their front teeth, so you kind of get why they ask for this.

Tea Party Set

Little girls love a party. A great party idea for little girls is a tea party with cookies. We've done this a couple of times where we make them tea with milk and sugar and serve a plate of cookies. The little girls sit at the table, eat and drink and then go out to play.

A tea party set is a great gift suggestion that will make the tea more kid friendly.

Cool Backpack

What's a cool kids back pack. It's probably different for each little girl. I like the ones that get embroidered with the child's name, but our seven year old wants a Jansport kids backpack. Jansport bags are durable, and perfect for carrying their lunch and school work.

What to Buy a Seven Year Old Girl for a Gift?

What's the best gift for seven year old girls?

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