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Christmas Gifts for Dogs and Dog Lovers

Updated on December 10, 2012
Puppies make great Christmas gifts!
Puppies make great Christmas gifts!

Out of ideas? Here are some...

Dog lovers may turn out pretty easy to please as long as their gifts are dog related. However, there are those occasional unique dog gifts that may cause the ultimate dog lover's eyes to glow from joy as a smile lands on their face upon unwrapping their present.I will list below some great gift ideas if you are in the mental churning process of "manufacturing" a unique present for a dog lover's special Christmas.

For dog owners:

Personalized Gift

If the dog lover is a dog owner as well, nothing beats a personalized item with the dog's picture. These items range from T-shirts to mugs and so much more. These gifts make a lasting impression because they are dearly cherished even long after the pet is gone. Walmart now makes also personalized blankets.

  • Gift Basket

Gift baskets for dogs and dog lovers. These are real gift baskets full of dog treats, people treats, and some extras such as collars, bones and toys. Some are theme related such as Christmas baskets.

  • Gift Certificate

A gift certificate to their favorite pet store will make a great gift idea. Pet owners always have that "something" to buy for their pets. Even though a pet store gift certificate is mostly directed to the dog than the owner, most dog lovers just love to spoil their dogs or they may buy something that may indirectly benefit them as well, such as a dog crate or a special leash.

Dog Books

Every dog owner will benefit from reading some good old dog training books. Great authors are Patricia McConnell, Kyra Sundance, Stanley Coren, Ian Dunbar and Jean Donaldson.

Gifts for dog lovers that are not yet dog owners:

  • If the dog lover is fond of a particular dog breed focus on that particular dog breed rather than any other dog "proto-type". There are many breed related bookd being sold on particular websites and gift stores. I personally like gifts that have a use such as sofa throws, soft blankets, or pillow cases. These make dual gifts, something useful representing something the receiver loves.
  • Humorist dog gifts. There are many humor related dog lover gifts that may make dog owners chuckle upon unwrapping. From "Wipe your paws" towels to "Beware of owner, dog is o.k" signs you may find something that may add humor to his/her life on a daily basis.
  • If you are looking for a more "sophisticated " gift invest in some dog jewelry. You may be delighted in finding many dog charms, dog earrings and dog related general jewelry that can be worn by the dog lover.
  • Last but not least if the dog lovers does not own a dog, do not skip the obvious. Get him/her a puppy! Of course, take the dog lover along so he/she can get to choose! This would make the real ideal unbeatable Christmas gift for the ultimate dog-less dog lover. But remember: a puppy is for life not only for Christmas and know where to find one from a reputable breeder or rescue, skip the pet store and back yard breeder!


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    • alexadry profile image

      Adrienne Janet Farricelli 9 years ago from USA

      Thanks! That's My Rottie, Petra. I got her for Christmas

    • DawgDad profile image

      DawgDad 9 years ago from Denver

      that top picture is fantastic!