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Marriage Proposal Idea | The Gift of Address Labels; An Interesting Proposition

Updated on March 18, 2012

The Marriage Proposal came in Christmas 2006

It was first Christmas together in 2006. As the holiday approached, it was an especially festive season. You know those fun new things to do as a new couple making purchases of first mutual decorations, playing newly purchased Christmas CD's and making those important holiday decisions like what kind of tree would be displayed in the family room and where to go for our first Christmas dinner together. The traditional slate was wide open for the beginning of new traditions. Since we'd be traveling over Christmas to visit family, dinner was already decided. The little two foot tree that was chosen as our first tree togethereemed just right. Though we both enjoyed a live tree as the tree of choice because traveling was in the agenda, that idea was nixed.

Of course there was the seasonal brain teasing adventures of gift purchases where interesting gifts to give the man or woman you want to spend the rest of your life with are so important. That first Christmas each person wants to make the other feel exceptionally special by giving gifts that speak volumes about how that person makes you feel. It may even be that monumental moment those scary three words, I Love You, are first spoken to each other.

In this first year experience is when I learned that my significant other loves opening presents. Not the usual excitement of the average person, but a kind of paper ripping enthusiasm I've never seen matched to date. His family had a tradition to open presents on Christmas Eve since they just could not stand the suspense of waiting for Christmas morning. My side of the family always waited until Christmas morning. Our first holiday dilemma. Compromise was in order and we would agree to open a few the night before and the rest on Christmas Day before venturing to family locations for a couple days of R & R and eating our brains out.

The First Christmas Tree was like a Charlie Brown Christmas

Was There A Marriage Proposal Under That Tree?

As each of us secretly shopped and quickly wrapped the Christmas presents so to keep the element of surprise under wraps, the presents continued to accumulate around our little tree. I would catch my significant other checking out the name tags when I wasn't looking as his anticipation grew and grew the closer the days got to the 24th of December. He had an exceptional smirk on his face one day when I arrived home from work. He said he got a present that could possibly change my life and it was all he had to give. Of course my first thought was...OMG he bought a diamond ring. Then he burst that bubble when following that statement with "and it only cost $4.99!" Now knowing the BF to be a thrifty shopper and sometimes when gift buying, it really didn't matter much what the present was, or what it costs, as long as it was fun or something cow related. It was two weeks until I would find out what on earth only cost $4.99 that was going to change my life and possibly went 'moo' (I regress, my BF is big cow freak). It certainly couldn't be a diamond for $4.99. What could it be?

It Was Time to Open Gifts and Solve the Mystery

Taking turns, we'd alternate, I got one, then he got one. There were a few surprises that impressed each other with the creativity and thought that went into the gift decision. It was getting frustrating now waiting for that special gift that I was made to open absolutely last.  It wasn't bad enough that the teasing went on for weeks about the $4.99 gift.  That familiar smirk appeared and I knew it was time to find out what bargain was going to change my life. The box was average size shirt box and wrapped very nicely with a big bow. His posture was changing as I started to take the bow off the box. The smirk still remained. He said again, "This gift is all I have to give." What on earth was it.... I began aggressively tearing open the box. As I lifted the box lid, and opened the tissue paper I saw very neatly displayed... sheets of Address labels.

The perplexed look I had on my face had to be classic as I looked at BF with nose crinkled and the big question mark over my head as BF said, "I was hoping to use these for our Christmas cards next year." I again looked back down at the box of address labels that were beautifully printed which read Mr. & Mrs. .... and then the bell resounded in my head what this was all about.  As I read the letter that accompanied the address labels, I realized that it was a Christmas proposal and it was the best gift I ever received for Christmas for $4.99. It was the greatest of gift of all, gift of his heart .

I Said YES, We Shopped For the Diamond Together

If you're wondering..... I said Yes, and since BF decided that it would be best for us to do that shopping together, we did and I picked the diamond of my dreams.

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    • Golfgal profile image

      Golfgal 6 years ago from McKinney, Texas

      SH and LL, thanks for visiting and you are very welcome. It is near and dear for sure. Come again soon.

    • L.L. Woodard profile image

      L.L. Woodard 6 years ago from Oklahoma City

      You've done an exceptional job in writing this hub. The reader can definitely tell it is a subject close to your heart.

    • Stephanie Henkel profile image

      Stephanie Henkel 6 years ago from USA

      What an original and romantic marriage proposal! This is such a sweet story; thank you for sharing it.