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Gifts: A Language of Emotion and Feelings

Updated on July 30, 2015

It's a Human Tradition for Centuries

Gifts and presents have always been a part of human traditions. People have presented gifts to each other throughout history and the social value of gifting has long been recognized in many cultures all over the world. Life events like births, deaths, weddings and anniversaries have always been associated with gifts. For centuries, Native Americans have practiced the ceremony of potlatch which celebrates extreme giving. In their society, the status of a family are not determined by the amount of possessions but the family who gave away the most lavish gifts during inter-tribal events was considered to be more prestigious.

Potlatch Ceremony - Distribution of Gifts
Potlatch Ceremony - Distribution of Gifts | Source

What Research Has to Say?

Researchers have the idea that gifting evolved as an evolutionary trait. The people who were able to give generous gifts were able to maintain high positions in the clan. They were popular amongst his kinsmen and they also had the most chances for winning a mate. In the olden days, chieftains and kings used to bestow gifts on their subjects. And throughout history, government, kingdoms and nations have always exchanged diplomatic gifts as signs of peace and goodwill.

People appreciate receiving gifts from their wish list more than unsolicited items
People appreciate receiving gifts from their wish list more than unsolicited items | Source

Would your consider someone's wish list before gifting them?

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The Bible Mentions

The Bible mentions the tale of the three wise men that came bearing gifts for the new born Jesus. And it also mentions the tale of the Queen of Sheba who presented King Solomon with jewels and many other priceless gifts. And through the ages people have celebrated festivals with gifts and presents. The ancient Romans practiced the tradition of gift giving on Saturnalia where they used to exchange simple pottery figures and wax candles. In Northern Europe, people presented gifts during the Yuletide season. It was a part of the Winter Solstice celebrations and people made gift baskets from wheat stalks which represented fertility and was supposed to possess life-giving qualities.

Byzantine art usually depicts the Magi in Persian clothing which includes breeches, capes, and Phrygian caps.
Byzantine art usually depicts the Magi in Persian clothing which includes breeches, capes, and Phrygian caps. | Source

Ceremonial Importance: Great Occasions

Gifts have maintained their ceremonial importance to this day. Besides festivals like Diwali, Christmas and Thanksgiving, there’re also special occasions like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day which are associated with gifts. Even for traditional festivals like Rakshabandhan there has always been the custom of presenting Rakhi gifts. But gifts are not meant only for festivals and special occasions. People also present gifts to their loved ones all the time. Gifting is a form of expressing one’s love, and affection. It is the most popular and obvious way someone can show interest in another or strengthen a bond. The exchange of gift strengthens affections and renews personal bonds. Whether they are given on special occasions or on any other normal day, gifts are a sure way to touch hearts. We have all experienced the pleasure and joy of receiving gifts from our loved ones. And giving gifts also give us the same amount of pleasure; the feelings of satisfaction and goodwill when we present gifts to our family and friends are simply irreplaceable. Gifting has is a very important part of our lives and essential for a harmonious peaceful co-existence. The gift items that we present to our dear ones does not have to be necessarily expensive or of high value but they should reflect your sincere feelings and emotions. Our family and friends need to know and be reassured of our love and concern for them and gifts are a sure way of doing that. Even when we stay far from our dear ones we can send online gifts to show that we miss them.

Spreading love with perfect gifts

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Rakhi Gifts and Rakhi defines siblings relationshipMothers Day - Nurturing Love Personalized FrameChirstmas - Joy to the WorldDiwali Celebration with SweetsI Love You Personalized Cushion
Rakhi Gifts and Rakhi defines siblings relationship
Rakhi Gifts and Rakhi defines siblings relationship | Source
Mothers Day - Nurturing Love Personalized Frame
Mothers Day - Nurturing Love Personalized Frame | Source
Chirstmas - Joy to the World
Chirstmas - Joy to the World | Source
Diwali Celebration with Sweets
Diwali Celebration with Sweets | Source
I Love You Personalized Cushion
I Love You Personalized Cushion | Source


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