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Gifts Ideas For Mothers For Under 100 Dollars

Updated on April 23, 2014
When all is said and done, time together with you will be her favorite gift!
When all is said and done, time together with you will be her favorite gift! | Source

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Mothers of all ages enjoy the treat of gifts.  Most of them however cherish the family time more than anything else!
Mothers of all ages enjoy the treat of gifts. Most of them however cherish the family time more than anything else! | Source

Whether it is for Mother's Day or her birthday, there is always a need for gifts for Mothers all year long. The gift depends on the Mother of course, but here are some ideas for gifts that will rapidly become one of her favorites:

1. For the Mom who loves to her with a new pan or specialty dish that will be useful for creating a new recipe! You can find these at many department stores, but if you can find a store that specializes in cooking supplies, you will be glad you went. Add some special utensils such as silicone pot holders and a cookbook by one of her favorite cooks. Take the time to test it out! Buy the groceries for one of the recipes and hang around to help cook and taste it!

2. For the Mom who gardens...Think about getting her something that will help her relax outdoors. Think about getting her a water feature for the yard. A water fountain can add personality to any garden while relaxing the gardener! Add some special plants that are easy to care for, but will remind her every day that you thought of her. Take it a step further and help her install the water feature and plant the plants! Creating a calming and relaxing environment will be a welcome escape for her. She will feel your presence every time she is there. When you are done, take the time to sit outdoors and enjoy it with her! Don't forget fresh flowers are always a welcome treat too!

3. For the Mom who is a her with a double gift..Don't just buy her a pair of frivolous shoes or some great blingy jeans, but take her yourself to get them! Take her shopping for a day! Insist on spending the money THAT day! If she tells you she can't spend "that much", tell her you will double it if she doesn't! She will find something special! Tell her you want to buy that "one thing she would LOVE to have, but would never buy it herself!" Every time she looks at it, wears it or thinks about it, she will feel special! Add in time with you, while you spoil her, it will be a wonderful memory moment she will cherish!

4. Is she a crafter? Find a great basket or a compartmentalized storage container and fill it with supplies appropriate to complete one of her favorite projects! Beads for the jewelry maker, fabric "quarters" for the quilter or yarn for the crochet buff will all be welcomed! Block off some time in your schedule for a "craft" day! Then add some supplies for a project that you can complete to give her for her to enjoy! Maybe build a birdhouse or sew her an apron! If that seems too major for you, then find something that your part can be as simple as painting. Even painting a picture frame may seem simple, but it will thrill her to have you working by her side.

5. Maybe your Mother is a reader.....get her a book or better yet, buy her a Kindle! Load it with some books or games that you enjoy. When she is playing the game or reading a chapter, she will think of you and how you picked it out for her. One of my favorite gifts is a children's book that I loved reading to my kids. My son bought it for me for my birthday when he was stationed in Japan. Memories of him sitting on my lap, listening intently, flooded my heart along with the precious tears because he remembered! Anything that reminds her of you is a great item for Moms!

6. Does your Mother enjoy baking? Surprise her with an antique cake plate, nesting cake pans and or all the cake decorating tips she will need to create a masterpiece cake! Add a book and cake mix, or then help her whip up a beauty for herself for her special day! Better yet, enroll in a class at a local cake shop and have her help you make it for her! Nothing is sweeter to a Mother than something her child has made for her regardless of the age of her child or the strength of your ability! When she is using the pans or creating a special cake months later, she will think of you and smile!

7. Pamper your Mother with a day at the spa! Better yet, plan ahead, take off the afternoon and join her in a day of pampering. A hew hair color or haircut, a pedicure and a deep muscle massage will leave her feeling like a new woman! Join her and you will be a new person too! Follow up with a long, luxurious meal and a deliciously decadent dessert! She will be loving that wonderful feeling for days! All thanks to you!

8. Is your Mother an organizing freak? Get her some storage totes in a great popping color! Get something that fits into her decor, but something with a kick of feel good color! Find ways to help her organize her most used space. In the kitchen, in the office, at home or at work....look for a unique container to help her store her things. A suitcase, trunk or wall organizer are all wonderful ways to help her get her act together! Help her put them up and get them set. She may need help rearranging furniture, lend her some muscle power! When you are done, she will love having had that wonderful time with you!

9. Have a sentimental Mother? Gather your siblings, or hers, and have a family portrait taken just for her! Make it something she will love. If she always asks you to dress up, then pull out the suits and dresses and make her dreams come true! My children did this for me and I LOVE it still!! If she LOVES your fun and playful ways together, then pull out the casuals and have fun in the pictures! Be the you that she loves to see! When the pictures are ready, pick out an extra large version just for her! Add a frame and she will have it hung on the wall loving that sweet face of yours in a fraction of a moment!

10. Is she athletic or maybe she just wants to be? Invest in a family membership to a local gym. Yes, a family membership. Make time every week to go with her to the gym. It doesn't have to be every time she goes, but making plans with her to go together once a week will give her a drive to workout when she knows she can spend time with you! Toss in a pair of new gym shoes and she will be over the moon! Not only will she be healthier, but she will be happier!

The main thing to remember is to find something that your Mother enjoys and then find a way to expand on it and share it with her. She will love it!

Sealed With A Kiss!

These are only a few of the ideas I can offer as a Mother myself! If you notice, there really is a thread, a hint of a theme, running through each of the ideas here that can be customized to fit ANY Mother any where. The key to it involves KNOWING her and being aware of her interests. Then, find a way to fuel those interests and build in a way to spend time with her putting them to use and enjoying them. Making memories of your time together with her is just as important as anything you can ever think to buy for her. Moms are all about their kids. The best gift you can give you, sealed with a kiss!

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    • prektjr.dc profile image

      Debbie Carey 4 years ago from Riverton, KS, USA


      I am so glad to have helped! I have been working this year on hand made items! I think I am more excited about them than any gift I had ever bought! I agree, she will love something baking related! You're welcome and thanks for reading! Let me know what she says!

    • kenoung profile image

      Ken 4 years ago

      Thanks for the tips. I was thinking of what gift to get my mum when I stumbled upon your hub. I was thinking of getting jewellery for her but after reading your hub, I realise that something baking related would probably be a better gift for her (she's an avid baker). Thanks!

    • prektjr.dc profile image

      Debbie Carey 4 years ago from Riverton, KS, USA

      Thank you peachpurple for your kind comments and votes! I totally understand! My kids are now grownups with lives of their own! It is often the gift of their time I cherish most! Enjoy what you can while they are still home! God Bless!

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      wonderful tips. My daughter should be reading this hub. I want lots of hugs and kisses from my kids. rarely get from them. They are busy with school projects, exams and more. Voted up