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Gifts That Match Mom's Love Language

Updated on May 12, 2018
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Shower Mom with the perfect gift.

Gifts That Speak Mom's Love Language

Whether your mother likes gifts or not, almost every Mom enjoys feeling appreciated and loved. One of the surest ways to zap her heartstrings is to know her "love language" and target your gift-giving accordingly. While most women enjoy nearly all of them, chances are one of these "gift styles" will appeal to your mother more than the others. ‚Äč

Love Languages

There are five basic gift styles: Words, Deeds, Time, Touch and Gifts.
Moms who enjoy the gift of words often respond positively to cards, poems or just a spoken, "I love you." Mamas who appreciate deeds get teary-eyed when someone does the dishes or brings her a cup of coffee. If your mother values quality time, she might want you to just play a game, watch a movie or go to an event. Those who treasure touch often want to hug you just a little longer than normal while mothers who can't wait for Christmas will most likely hope for something she can unwrap.

A written or spoken word can be an unspeakable gift.

Which Gift When?

In early motherhood, Dad can help the kids pick gifts. As kids get older, they often enjoy picking something out for mom. Here are a few ideas for each stage:

  • Early Motherhood - The Busy, Tired Years
    • Words - Words of appreciation are most valued during this time. Dads can say things like, "You work so hard and I sometimes fail to express my appreciation," or "You make motherhood look easy but I know how hard you work!" Mothers usually just enjoy hearing, "I love you, Mommy," from the kids. Cards, especially handmade ones, are a perfect gift for this mom.
    • Deeds - Oh, my! She is so busy during these years. Helping the mom who values deeds is always a winner. Dad might enlist the kids to wash her car (inside and out!), get the kitchen spotless on Mother's Day morning or make her an easy lunch or dinner (that she doesn't have to clean up.)
    • Time - In early motherhood, she may want time to herself, but often, moms who value meaningful time enjoy a trip to the park, a family game or another activity where everyone is involved.
    • Touch - Even young moms get sore and tired. Women who enjoy physical touch often appreciate a back or foot rub, hugs and snuggling.
    • Gifts - Gifts at this stage can often be utilitarian ("Here, Mommy! A new mop!) but she will surely appreciate anything that lets her know you are thinking of her. Dads, consider a gift of her favorite perfume or candy. And you can almost never go wrong with flowers. Kids can draw her a picture, make her a popsicle-stick picture frame or a pretty hair ornament.
  • The Tween and Teen Years - Where is Everybody?
    • Words - During these times, many harried moms appreciate knowing they are doing a good job. Dad can say things like, "I've never known anyone who can juggle all the things you do so well," or "Wow! Our kids are surely blessed to have a mom who is as loving and wise as you are." Kids will knock her off her feet if they offer similar words, such as, "Out of all the moms I know, I'm so glad you're mine," or "You always seem to know just how to make me feel better and see the bright side of things."
    • Deeds - Pitching in means the world to her at this time of life. The family can surprise her with cleaning out an over-stuffed closet, weeding or planting a garden or anything else she keeps saying she wants to get to.
    • Time - Quality time is getting harder to find during these fleeting years. Moms who want to spend time with the family will enjoy a dinner out, a family game night or even just a trip to the zoo. The biggest factor here is that everyone TURN THEIR CELL PHONES OFF!
    • Gifts - Things are starting to wear out during this phase. She might actually enjoy a gift card for a new outfit or set of luggage but she'll definitely enjoy a gift that shows that you know and see her. Does she like to paint? How about an easel? Does she enjoy hiking? Maybe a nice set of bird-watching binoculars.

A simple deed can be a wonderful gift.

The Nicest Gift

Gifts don't always have to be bought; sometimes the nicest gift is simply a gift from the heart.

The Gift of You

Whatever you decide to give the woman you call "Mother," if you give it with her love language in mind, her heart will surely treasure it.


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