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God's Gift To Women Costume Idea-DIY Box Costume Ideas For Halloween

Updated on April 17, 2017

DIY Costume For Men - God's Gift To Women

When did "God's Gift To Women" become a Halloween costume idea? And who is going to wear this ridiculous costume? People with a sense of humor, women, and men are going to wear it and everyone who sees it will get a big kick out of it. The funniest part of this costume is that some of the guys who wear it are going to believe they are a gift for the girls!

Oh well, then the joke will be on them this Halloween. It's a hysterical and easy to make costume. It's also a cheap costume, but that doesn't mean it's not creative. The best things in life, and at Halloween, don't have to be expensive. Check out the pictures and the how to make it tutorials below to learn how you can make this imaginative play on words costume.

This is a pun costume, I've posted a lot about these outfits because I find them so humorous. I always get a good laugh when I see one. Maybe it's because I am a Scrabble player.

God's Gift To Women Box Costume


How To Make Your Own Gift Box Costume

This outfit is made with a cardboard box that's been decorated like a gift, with wrapping paper, a bow, and a gift tag. That's sounds like such a cheap costume idea, especially for those of you who have gone out to the Halloween store and seen some of those costume prices!

You can make this disguise cheaply but that doesn't mean it won't look great. Just pick out your favorite festive wrapping paper, some curly ribbon, and make a tag out of construction paper or cardstock.

Your box will need a head and arm hold cut out and the bottom must be open so you can put it over your head. After you've cut the holes where needed, wrap your cardboard box up...neatly and with make this box look like the best present ever. Add some ribbons, bows...whatever decorations you like to make your gift package look better and better. Finally add that special gift tag that reads "To: Women From" God" and you are ready to go. Wait till everyone gets your pun and laughs with pure delight at the creativity you've shown in making this really funny costume.

God's Gift To Women Costume - 3 Costumes To Choose From - Easy/Medium/Difficult Box Costume Supplies You Will Need

Two Bows
Tissue Paper
Cardboard Box
Gift Tag
Gift Wrap
Cardboard Gift Tag
Ribbon & Bow
Gift Tag & Ribbon

None of these make your own God's Gift To Women costumes is difficult at all...but I did put several easy ways to make pick how much effort you want to put into making your Halloween costume.

Bow On The Head Gift Costume Idea


If you like polka dots, or your lady does, this gift wrapping might be the one for you. I love how this fellow put the bow on the top of his head, rather than on the package.

I think this pun and box costume theme is brilliant. It's super easy to make and will have everyone laughing throughout the party at it's exceptional simplicity. Gotta love those punny outfit ideas.

Another Gift For Women


Here's another "God's Gift To Women" costume look, don't you love the socks and sneakers? I do, it adds a bit of funny to an already creative costume.

You Never Have To Wonder What To Get That Special Someone Again With This Gift Costume!

Two Bows And A Tag Halloween Costume


This super easy costume can be made using a cardboard or construction paper gift tag, a string to hang the tag and a couple of big gift bows. Halloween costumes do not get any easier than this and it's still a hysterical and effective pun themed outfit.

Ladies, Here's Your Gift Halloween Costume For The Men


Cardboard Present Gift Box Costume Tutorial

Other Fun Cardboard Box Costume Ideas

God's Gift To Women is just one of the many easy and creative costumes you can make with a cardboard box and a little imagination. Here are some other brilliant costume ideas you can create yourself from an everyday cardboard box:

  • Minecraft - Steve or Enderman costume is perfect for video game fans
  • Ipod - Music lovers costume idea
  • Traffic Light - Car fans and driving fanatics will love this easy costume
  • Police Box - Doctor Who fans can make it a TARDIS
  • Juice Box - Easy and Fun
  • LEGO Brick - Great costume idea for kids
  • Avenger Superhero - Made with cardboard boxes and paint - great group costume idea
  • Wrapped Presents - Ideal for one person or a group - dress your family up as Christmas presents

Cardboard Avenger Superhero Costumes


Claptrap Cardboard Box Costume Tutorial

How to Make a Minecraft Costume Steve's Head EASY!!

You can find cardboard boxes at your local Home Depot or Lowe's store and they cost a couple of dollars. You can also find the paint you may need to make your own costume at those also might have both of those costume making supplies in your own basement, so be sure to look there before you buy anything.


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