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Best Good Friday Prayers

Updated on August 9, 2013
Novena booklet
Novena booklet | Source

We call ourselves Christians; this means we are followers of Lord Jesus Christ, whom we call our leader. When we try to follow our leader, we study HIS life, the things HE did, the words he preached. The examples and teachings that our leader had taught us, we try to put them into practice into our daily activities and lifestyle.

Nevertheless, there is one thing which Lord Jesus Christ did and which HE had taught others to do was to pray. After HIS baptism by John, HE spent a long time in prayer in the dessert. After a busy day of preaching the good news of the Lord to the people and healing them of their sickness, HE would go alone at night to a quiet place to talk to the Father. HE always prayed to the Father for help, to guide HIM to make a right decision before proceeding to any important action.

HIS disciples were impressed by the way Lord Jesus Christ prayed. They knew that it would benefit them to be able to pray the same way as HE did. Hence, they asked HIM to teach them how to pray and HE did.

During the Lent period and on Good Friday, besides praying for themselves, all Christians also pray for others, the sick, the victims of natural disasters and the poor. Here are the prayers to help all followers of Lord Jesus Christ to pray as he had taught his followers in his time.

Here are various prayers for Good Friday

A Prayer for Others

O Jesus, have mercy on your holy Church; take care of it.

O Jesus, have pity on poor sinners and save them from hell.

O Jesus, bless my father, my mother, my brothers and sisters, and all I ought to pray for.

O Jesus, have pity on the souls in purgatory and bring them to your heavenly rest.

A Prayer to express sorrow for sins

God my Father,

I am truly sorry for having turned away from your friendship.

You have shown only love towards me.

I have sometimes shown little love in return.

Because of your only SON, JESUS who died and rose for me, forgive me all my sins.

Father, not only have I offended you by my sins, but I have also offended your community here on earth.

I promise to show greater love to my neighbor so as to make up for my sins.

I can do nothing unless your Holy Spirit helps me to lead a life such as Jesus did, a life spent forgetful of self in the service of others.

A Prayer for Holiness for Good Friday

Lord, for tomorrow and its needs I do not pray,

Keep me, my God , from stain of sins,

Let me both work diligently and duly pray,

Let me be kind in word and deed to others,

Let me do no wrong or idle in words, unthinking to say,

Set you a lock upon my lips

Let me in season, Lord, be grave, in season gay,

Let me be faithful to your grace just for today,

And if today, my tide of life should ebb away,

O bid be, if today I die, come home today,

So, for tomorrow and its needs, I do not pray,

But keep me , guide and love me, Lord, I pray to you.

pray with the rosary
pray with the rosary | Source

A Prayer for those who cannot get well

O heavenly Father, we pray

for those suffering from diseases for which at present there is no cure.

Give them trust and hope,

So that they may never lose

Their faith in your love

Give them your wisdom to all who are working

To discover the secrets of disease

And the faith that through you all things are possible.

We ask this in the name of him

Who went about doing good and healing all kinds of diseases,

Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, (AMEN)

- written by George Appleton

A Prayer for those affected by sudden Bad Fortune

O God,

I remember before you

Those on whom at this time

Bad fortune has come.

Bless those whose dear ones have been killed ,

and those whose dear ones lost their lives of others,

Bless those who have lost their homes,

Those who have seen all that they worked for in a lifetime lost in an hour.

Help us always to remember

Those whose job it is to

Risk their lives to rescue others or

To keep them safe-

Those in the fire service,

In the police service,

In the medical service,

In voluntarily service.

We shall forget this bad fortune,

But we ask you always to remember

Those who will never forget, because life for them can never be same again.
This we ask through Christ our Lord. (Amen )

written by- William Barclay

the Last supper
the Last supper | Source

A Prayer for Help For those in Trouble

Father in heaven,

Bless those for whom life is very hard,

Those who have important decisions to make, and who honestly do not know what is the right thing to do,

Those who have hard work to do and who fear they may fail in it;

Those who have hard temptations to face, and who know only too well that they may give in to them, if they try to meet them alone;

Those who have a difficult temperament and nature to master, and who know that they can be their own worst enemies; those who have difficult people to work with, those who have to suffer unjust treatment, unfair criticism, unappreciated work;

Those who are sad because someone they loved has died; those who are disappointed in something for which they hoped; those who have been hurt by their enemies, or, what is far worse, those who have been hurt by faithless and disloyal friends.

Bless us, O Lord, with what we need to come safely to our heavenly home (Amen)

Written by-William Barclay

A Prayer for the Homeless

O Lord our God,

Have mercy upon those whom war or starvation have robbed of homes and friends.

Aid all those who try to help them.

We ask you to care also for those whose homes are broken by family fights and lack of love.

We ask that where the love of man has failed your love may find success.

We ask this through Jesus Christ , your Son, (Amen)

A Prayer for the Dead

Father in heaven,

Have mercy on those in Purgatory.

They cannot help themselves.

Listen to my prayers and penances,

May help them quickly to enjoy never ending happiness with you in your heavenly kingdom.

I offer this prayer through Christ, our Lord. (Amen)

Do you fast on during Lent before Good Friday?

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We Christians believe that GOD loves all men and helps them to come to HIM. We Christians believe that GOD spoke in a special way to all men through the history of the people of the world and through acts and teachings of Lord Jesus Christ. We Christians believe that the one GOD of all men wants them to come to him through the acts and teachings of Lord Jesus Christ who is the way of life. Therefore, it is a Christian thing to work and pray for the unity of all men and peace on earth.

A Prayer for Unity

Father in heaven,

you are the Father of all men.

We ask you to send your Holy Spirit,

the Spirit who unites people,

so that all men

will forget past troubles,

put aside unfair opinions,

and work together for the good of all,

no matter what their religion,

no matter what their races,

so that at the end,

this world,

made good by men working together,

in the spirit of Jesus and working with YOU,

may be handed over to YOU by your Son,

Unite especially all christians

so that soon they may be together again,

as one flock around the table of the Lord's supper.

We ask you to unite more closely those of our Church,

so that led by the Spirit towards your kingdom,

we may work, pray and live happily together

in love and peace. (Amen ).


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