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Goodbye 2009, hello 2010

Updated on January 1, 2010

Goodbye 2009, hello 2010

I am in a good mood today because I slept well, I was not feeling well for the past days, it must be due to the cold weather or the nights that I can’t sleep. I always never fail to drink coffee. The thing is if I am in good mood, I will write and write more in the computer and will just drift away, but maybe the colds is one way of stopping me and telling me to rest. My friend dropped by and she asked me to come over her place, not again, I remember the day last week when there was snow and I came to her place, I asked her to come to the house again instead, but this time she will be the one to cook and we will watched New York Times Square countdown together.

While she was cooking, I was tempted to join the forum at HubPages again but I was of course going to entertain her or she will walked out again on me like she does every time she is here and I am glued in front of my computer. So, I also helped her cooked, she brought some shrimp and beef, so I just told her she will cook beef stew again and I will cook the shrimp and the rice easier. We don’t cook chicken on New Years eve because it is our superstitious belief that if you are going to cook chicken, you will scratch for food the whole year round like the way chicken scratch their food, they scratch the ground and “hand to mouth” existence thing.

In short, I finished cooking first than she is, that’s why they call me hyper Maita, you know now, LOL. I turned on the television and cartoon channel is not working, there is nothing to watch, many times I said to myself, I will not watch news anymore because at times I am affected by news all over, BBC or CNN but there is nothing to watch so I was tuned in to CNN again and before the countdown, there is still the news about the terror suspect. All I was thinking was that America cant solve the problem alone, I traveled to different airports and see that other airports are very lax specifically the Schipoll at Netherlands, they are a liberal country so they don’t have people manning the counter at their airports only machine, and the machine cant detect the kinds of bombs these terrorists have, plus they are wiser now. The world is never safe anymore, if you aren’t going to die of war or anything you are going to be sick of depression or not fulfilling some dreams and expectations you have. Economic difficulties are experienced by many more than ever. This is the worst decade economically but there is so much hope of course.

Well it was really a decade, the terror in 2001 that shook the entire nation including the entire world, the worst decade at Wall Street and many people who passed away, we remember them, all the soldiers who died because of people who have distorted minds, the terrorists. What happened to the dreams we have about a better world, or is it just me? I know we all want a better world. The statistics on child poverty and hunger all around the world and the worsening economic crisis continues to haunt us. Jobs are difficult, I cant travel anymore, but that is just a minimal problem comparing to the problems experienced by whole lot of people around the world, am I just too selfish at times thinking about myself, traveling when others are thinking about food and basic needs. Of course I should care about myself first before them, am I selfish? for how can I improve others lives without improving myself first. I want to help others too, I can if I will improve myself more so that if I can fulfill my basic need first then I can help the children who are in need of help.

I have many dreams, I dream of my own house, a nice car, but I should find a way to save and keep some money I will have. I will live simply and the clothes I am wearing, I should not always go on style, I will just wear smile to look good and I will stop buying a lot of clothes, so I can still buy me some books that I can read. I will just go to book sale and scrimmage all those used books, not buy brand new ones anymore. I need to be contented with simple things and I will cut back on drinks, coca cola my favorite. If I could save a dollar each day then I have 365 USD a year, and I will just stay at home on Friday nights, I will be the first one to follow my rules I have written on how to save on a budget etc. I can do it, I promise myself beginning today, I will save what I can, and be just happy with what I have. I will still buy food at Asian store, but I will not buy trendy bags anymore, they are useless if I have a bag worth hundred of dollars and the money I have is lesser than that, hehe.

I still have many list but I will bore you with it, I would just like to infect you with my “saving mood” and “helping others mood“. I wish everybody can find in their heart to help others too, but like I said, it will always start from us, when if we cant help ourselves how can we help others?

I will just say thank you to my parents and siblings and relatives who are in the Philippines who continue to write and love and call me, and to my children who are my true inspiration. I love them to death and they are my inspiration.

And to my friend Jocelyn who is always here to help me (she will read this now because I told her too).

And to everyone, my friends here at HP who for a short time exchanges comments and saying how are you, you always make my day. I wish to those who would like to publish a book (Dohn--I know you can soon) that they can publish soon, or just find solace in writing, and hopefully earn too.

I wish everyone of you and your loved ones the best of another decade and more years of joys, good health is a must.

I wish you all the best and may the start of the year and decade bring you so much hope, when there is nothing at times to hold on to, hope is the only thing free, and you should have the courage and the will to follow the dreams and the goals you will set. It may not be there but in the end, it is always worthwhile to try, one day it will come to you in one way or another.

I would like to thank HIM!

And yes, I care for you all!

Happy New Year and a prosperous new decade for everyone!


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