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Gorgeous Christmas Wreaths!

Updated on October 21, 2012

Where I live, the locals don't do much decorating on the exterior of their homes at Christmas time, but they put up some lovely Christmas wreaths. As a child, my mother mostly just decorated the interior of our home, and the windows, but I don't recall anything being on the door, and certainly not a wreath. But boy, let me tell you, they look pretty fabulous even if it's the only decoration you've got going on. These super high quality artificial Christmas wreaths, some of which are even pre-lit, will spruce up your door (no pun intended!) and make your home one of those people enjoy looking at as they walk by.

GKI Bethlehem Spruce Wreath

This lovely pre-lit (100 clear lights) green spruce wreath would look lovely on your door. It measures 30 inches wide and 12 inches thick. Decorated with pine cones and leaves and comes with a 10 year warranty. Of course, you could hang this beautiful wreath indoors as well, and decorate any room in the home.

GKI Bethlehem Canterbury Wreath

This amazing pre-lit wreath from GKI Bethlehem is awesome. The artificial Canterbury wreath is decorated with berries and pine cones and 50 clear lights. No need to decorate as she's already beautiful and ready to be plugged in on arrival. This will brighten up your front porch and let Santa know you're ready for Christmas.

GKI Christmas Wreath

if you're more into baubles than lights and would like a lovely mix whilst still keeping it simple and traditional, this may be your Christmas wreath. This model is 24 inches and is decorated with (shatterproof) brown and orange ornaments and pine cones. And don't forget the glittery berries! Looks real, but it's artificial! Can be used to decorate the front veranda or hand it indoors to admire throughout the holiday season.

GKI Behtlehem Gold Wreath

Some folks want something less red and green for their Christmas decor, and this is a great alternative. The wreath is 30 inches and comes pre-lit with 50 clear lights. This is a great addition to the front door, or perhaps the interior, particularly if you decorate with white or gold for Christmas time. Comes with a 3 year warranty.

GKI Poinsettia Wreath

I happen to love bright red colors at Christmas, and this wreath is amazing. It's 30 inches and is pre-lit with 35 clear lights. This wreath is a great choice for those who aren't too keen on traditional wreaths from trees, but would still like to hang something beautiful on their door. Artificial, of course, and comes with a 3 year warranty.


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