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Goth Girl Gift Ideas

Updated on October 11, 2015

Goth Girl Gift Ideas

Do you need gift ideas for that special Goth Girl in your life? Does she have all the leather studded belts, black eyeliner, tattoos, piercings, gothic jewelry and gothic accessories she needs?

As you may know, Goth is a delicate mix of attitude, fashion statement and a musical choice. The gothic look has been around for centuries and has become even more trendy in the 2000s, with the popularity of goth fashion on shows like True Blood, Vampire Diaries and Lost Girl.

Having been a Goth Girl myself in earlier years, I've scanned the retail stores and have my top picks for Goth Girl gift ideas:

Goth Clothing Gifts

If you know the clothing size of your goth gal (i.e. small, large, 5, 7), then there are many gothic clothing gift choices to consider. Starting at the top, you could consider a favorite band tee shirt, corset or skull decorated tank or jacket. Dropping lower, there are many great leather, pleather and vinly belts available with various goth decorations including studs, chains, rivets, skulls and dragons. I’d steer clear of pants (us girls need to try those on), but a goth themed skirt or dress is also an option.

If you are gift shopping at a mall in the United States, the chain “Hot Topic”, has the best selection of goth and punk themed clothing. In more trendy areas you may find a “Trash and Vaudeville” or “Metropark” chain. There are many more options online, from the universal to and

If you need plus-size goth clothing, try

Goth Jewelry Gifts

I’ve never met a Goth Girl who said that she had enough jewelry. So, if you want to help expand her Gothic Jewelry collection, consider necklaces or chokers made with black beads, black chains or black leather. If she likes pendants you may want to look for jewelry gifts with swords, daggers, skulls, dragons, crosses and rosary themed items. The great thing about gothic jewelry is that you can find something in almost every mall and on hundreds of websites, with many options for every shopper’s budget.

The jewelry brand 1928, available in most larger department stores often has gothic looking options. Online check out, or

Goth Handbag Gifts

We can always use one more “little black bag” to match our outfits. Most women usually prefer a certain bag style, ex. clutch, over the shoulder, backpack. Take a look at what your gift recipient uses today and add a handbag gift to her collection. Goth themed handbags are often black patent leather or strong fabric with goth prints like skulls or black cats.

The supplier Loungefly offers a very extensive goth themed handbag line that includes large and small, leather and vegan friendly cloth, loud and more subtle choices. The Sugar Skull Day of the Dead, Shoulder Bag is versatile enough to go from work to a party and large enough to hold all the gothic make-up you could ever need. Too big? They offer a clutch and wallet version too.

Quick Goth Gift Checklist

√ Punk, Industrial Goth CD

√ Black, Leather Studded Belt

√ Hello Kitty- Angry Kitty Wallet

√ Skull Necklace & Earrings

√ Black, Liquid Eyeliner

Goth Music Gifts

You can purchase a wide selection of gothic music that includes bands from the 70s, 80s, 90s and the 2000s. The term goth music often includes industrial, new wave, synth pop, punk and hard core. Some of the earlier Goth favorites include Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, Siouxsie and the Banshees and The Cure. All of these bands sell Greatest Hits CDs.

If you’re not sure what music to buy as a gift, a goth music mix cd may do the trick. Check out Gothic Party Time, Dancing in the Dark, Projekt: Gothic or Goth Industrial Club Anthems all available from

Some of the newer, best selling punk or industrial rock CDs include Nine Inch Nails, The Slip album, Ohgr, Devils In My Details and Collide, Two Headed Monster.

Goth Gift Baskets

Short on time, but must have a Goth theme? A Goth Gift Basket is the answer! Per their website, caters to Goths, geeks, freaks and anyone who is difficult to buy for. Another option is

Goth Girl
Goth Girl

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    • profile image

      RandomGothGirl 2 years ago

      Wow, this really helped me. I couldn't find what I wanted my parents to get me.

    • profile image

      LeahG 3 years ago

      I have some girly both gifts here* ( page due to be updated with new gifts in 48hrs).

    • profile image

      Raven 5 years ago

      Love the article! Unfortunately the goth gift basket link led to some ad junk for some bank or other crap :( too bad as I was really looking forward to looking at those

    • profile image

      gothicprincess 6 years ago

      true but also something like dinos and make up

    • profile image

      sillyone 6 years ago

      If you girls are arguing wheter sephora or mac is better're not really goth. Wannabe's.

    • profile image

      Bloobers 7 years ago

      Sephora is better than mac 100%

    • profile image

      mamahops 8 years ago

      Great recommendations - nice hub.

    • profile image

      blackisn'tdarkenough 9 years ago

      I am 100% goth and agree with these recommendations. I would add some cool goth make-up.. MAC is the best.