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Holiday Appetizers on a Budget

Updated on November 23, 2018
Everyone is probably familiar with the Thanksgiving Dinner
Everyone is probably familiar with the Thanksgiving Dinner


It's probably a time you think about family, friends, being and American and of course, Turkey and all the fixin's.

Have you considered trying something a little different this year? Perhaps something with an Asian flair?

I want to share with you something relatively inexpensive and easy to prepare that isn't too exotic and will please your taste buds and help get you ready for that big dinner ahead.

Have you ever heard of the Pot Sticker?

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Crazy Cuizine Pot Stickers are deliciousand nutritious
Crazy Cuizine Pot Stickers are delicious
Crazy Cuizine Pot Stickers are delicious
and nutritious
and nutritious

What is a Pot Sticker?

According to the online dictionary, a pot sticker is "a filled Chinese dumpling, typically crescent-shaped, especially one that is pan-fried until brown on one side, then turned and simmered in a small amount of broth."

Basically it is an appetizer that can be prepared a variety of ways: fried, steamed, or even microwaved. You don't have to use broth - although using it to fill a soup is another idea in itself.

It has a doughy encasing and is filled with a meat and sometimes cabbage, carrots, onions or whatever the cook decides to use. They're usually bite sized. Think of won ton, or egg rolls. These are a lot tastier than you'll find at a place like Jack in the Box or fast food places.

Just a few might be quite filling though so be cautious when using. The appetizers themselves might get in the way of the holiday meal!

What are some of your other favorite appetizers?

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filling includes chicken and cabbage
filling includes chicken and cabbage

Crazy Cuizine

Price: $5.99 - $9.99

Crazy Cuizine makes a variety of products with an Asian flair that you can cook at home. Whether you are in the mood for something Chinese that you can serve with rice or something that satisfies as a snack, these are a great option.

Their pot stickers are comparable to what you might find in a restaurant and are easy to prepare.

frying is my favorite way for just about any food
frying is my favorite way for just about any food

Simple Directions

The package provides a variety of ways to cook this sample. You can deep fry them, pan fry them, steam them or heat them up in your microwave.

Personally, I don't care too much for the microwave option. I haven't steamed them myself, but I can tell they would be delicious. You would probably just use a steamer and heat them over water. Many restaurants serve them this way, and they would be yummy I am sure.

I didn't deep fry them, but chose the pan frying method. The package recommends you steam them afterward, but I found that unnecessary. I just used a small amount of oil, cooked them over low heat for about 12 to 15 minutes, turning frequently.

After they were browned, I let them set for about two minutes and they crisped up really nice. They were crunchy on the outside and the delectable filling inside melts in your mouth.

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before - frozenHeat oil on low heat - be cautious of splashingturn occasionallydrain on a paper towel
before - frozen
before - frozen
Heat oil on low heat - be cautious of splashing
Heat oil on low heat - be cautious of splashing
turn occasionally
turn occasionally
drain on a paper towel
drain on a paper towel

When Cooking...

If you do pan fry these, be careful when placing in the hot oil. You could get splashed a little. You may want to defrost in your microwave.

They can also be baked, but I haven't tried that way. If you do, and enjoy it, let me know.

As I said, these would make a great appetizer and a package comes with about 25 or 30 pieces. There's also a dipping sauce which isn't so bad, but you can always make your own. I'm sure they would be good with ranch, barbecue or honey mustard. After all, it's just chicken wrapped in a thin batter.

I hope you consider these for your upcoming holiday meal - or just a quick snack.

Let me know what you think.

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served as a meal itselfwith a traditional dipping sauceor your sauce of choice
served as a meal itself
served as a meal itself
with a traditional dipping sauce
with a traditional dipping sauce
or your sauce of choice
or your sauce of choice

In Conclusion

Thanksgiving is a time to be happy and grateful for what you have. I hope yours is a fun time with people whose company you enjoy.

I wish you good eats as well.

Things don't just have to be about turkey and stuffing - although mine will definitely include those. Turkey is one of my favorite meats.

I hope you take the time though to try these pot stickers, even if it's not this holiday season.

Have you tried this product?

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