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Awesome Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas For Stoners

Updated on December 21, 2011

Have you been experiencing difficulty seeking the best Christmas time present for your favorite weed head?

Well in that case this collection is ideal for you. You might think in another way but Christmas gift buying for your stoner is certainly not extremely tough by any means. Just about all stoners share the same good sense in flavor so once you discover how to Xmas shop for one you probably know how to go shopping for every one of them. Now let us get straight into this list to help you to start off your holiday shopping today.

Weed Grinder

Their are lots of stoners in existence that don't have a cannabis grinder simply because they're not required. A grinder takes many of the headache away from breaking down your pot and makes it simple. Get them a low priced weed grinder and they're going to put it to use just about every time they want to get high, guaranteed.


You cant ever have more than enough lighters, particularly with them becoming lost or thieved on a regular basis. In case your having difficulty selecting what you should buy this christmas season make it simple and easy , shell out all your funds on lighters. Dollar outlets will often have 5 packs for just a buck, so a 20 $ present gives your stoner 100 lighters. Now they probably will not need to panic about lighter troubles for approximately a week or two.

Top Rated Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Stoners

Rolling Papers

Even smokers with bongs and pipes want to twist up a joint from time to time. Help save them a journey to the bodega and purchase them a box with their preferred rolling papers. Actually there are many varieties so you can get different flavors which will be a really exciting gift. Now whenever your stoner requires a new package he is able to simply head to his stash instead of needing to go out to buy some.

Stoner Movie

Stoners have among the better sense’s of humor and flicks based upon weed is always a blast. Stoner comedies are going to have just about any particular person laughing but only an authentic stoner can get pleasure from these to the fullest extent. Pick a qualified bud flick and you could possibly be credited with giving your friend their freshest ‘smoking flick’ that they're going to put on every time they head to get blowed.

Video Games

Video games are definitely more than just video games whenever your high. You will be a Video Game God or Goddess if you select the right game. The right game will get his or hers to focus and sidetrack them from real life for a while which is good. Buy your weed head a good video game and he will have a great time rocking wonce he gets lifted. For suggestions about which video game to get take a look at our Top Ten Video Games To Experience When Stoned.

Stoner Clothes You can't find any greater approach to display stoner pride then to broadcast it across the front side of one's tee shirt for all to view. Get your companion a cannabis Tee shirt and they're going to continually have some thing to rock on their smoking escapades.


Tell me a stoner that couldn't use yet another bong for his or her collection? It's unlikely that any will. Bongs can be found in various designs, shapes, and price tag ranges and regardless of what you get, it'll be enormously treasured. And when your buddy does not currently have a bong get him his very first and he'll be eternally indebted to you.


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    • profile image

      Karma Jello 5 years ago

      Stoners always appreciate edibles, make sure you get a variety though because some of them might be bunk. Great list, you should check out for stoner lifestyle tips.

    • profile image

      thevsyndicate 5 years ago

      This is really wonderful post. Thanks for sharing it.

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